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  • Contrary to myth, great white sharks are not always aggressive and at times can be quite curious. A young white shark investigates UConn alum Chris Perkins’ boat, sticking its head out of the water to get a better look; this is called spy-hopping, and white sharks are one of the few shark species known to do it. (Chris Perkins ’12 (CLAS)/Lamnidaze Photography SA) Turning the Tide for Great White Sharks
    A 2012 graduate has taken his UConn marine sciences degree...
  • Mark Wegiel '15 (CLAS) working on the excavation of the Huis de Kreuningen (Photo courtesy of Kroum Batchvarov) UConn Archaeologist Discovers 17th-century Shipwreck
    The Dutch warship, which sank in battle in the Caribbean,...
  • STEMResidenceHallNEWMANARCHITECTS1 Master Plan Presents 20-Year Vision for Storrs Campus
    A comprehensive plan that will help shape the physical development...