Freshman Daughter, Freshman Dad

By Larry Druckenbrod

As his only child embarks on her collegiate journey, a freshman parent chronicles the experience—40 years on from his own days as a college freshman. Larry Druckenbrod is also assistant director of Career Services.

You Won’t Bump Into Me….

My daughter did not want to “bump into” me on campus.  She wanted to “go away” to college, like most kids do.  I’ve heard from a few readers who echo this in their experience with their kids.  When I was looking at colleges my dad suggested I apply to the University of Bridgeport, and if I was admitted, I could live with my Aunt Shirley in Trumbull.  I said “Dad, that’s not going to happen.”

When Valkyrie and I talked about her concerns of bumping into me I reminded her that her cousin, now a junior at UConn, had “bumped” into me once in four+ semesters.  “You’ll never see me” I said.  “Unless you want to of course” I added.

And I gave her some examples of places she might visit on campus and the odds of bumping into me.

“Let’s say you are meeting with President Herbst.  You don’t think I’m going to be there do you?”








“And those concert nights in the Student Union Theatre.  I don’t go to those.”








“Got a cough?  I won’t be in Health Services silly.”








“If you buy or sell books at the Co-op they have staff to assist you”.









“I’m done taking classes.  I don’t even know where classrooms are!”







“In the evenings you might go to the Library for some quiet study time.  I’m home in bed after work.”









“Perhaps you worry about me seeing your name in the Daily Campus Blotter.  You needn’t worry about that kind of thing.  I once created a campus scavenger hunt for my residence hall when I was in college.  I erred a bit in my judgment by adding a “live turkey” to the list, thinking no way that could be found.  The guys found two.  The headline in the following day’s Hartford Courant read  ‘Scavenger Hunt Gobbles Up Bird‘.  Oops!  That was a bad day for sure that I fondly remember.”






Oh gosh, this is a really big place, a city.  You won’t bump into me Valkyrie.

But maybe you could…?



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