Letters from Cape Town

By Students Studying Abroad

Join UConn students in Cape Town, South Africa, as they experience a new culture and learn about global citizenship in theory and in practice.

Amariliz on Two Weeks in Cape Town


Amariliz and Kimmi at Moyo.

Amariliz and Kimmi at Moyo.

Two weeks in Cape Town:

Feel at home. In just two weeks we have been bused around Cape Town, each day a new place, a new experience. I have been wine tasting, swam with penguins, pet cheetahs, and experienced an assortment of different flavors (i.e. Ethiopian and traditional African cuisine). I have been happy, sad, uncomfortable, scared, and simply overwhelmed with both excitement of Cape Town and the obligations of my life in the United States. I have seen magically moving expressions of nature and humanity. I have been on the verge of tears and had my very core and infrastructure shaken. I have also been void and left wondering ….

On a superficial level I have experienced Cape Town as a series of potential and realized adventures.

I came with a check list:

√ 1. Swim with penguins
√ 2. Surf
3. Hike Table Mountain
√ 4. Wine Tasting
√ 5. Eat exotic food
6. Bungee Jump
√ 7. Pet Cheetahs
8. Cage diving
9. Enjoy and ride the wave

As of today I can say that 5 of the 9 on my list have been accomplished, number nine including all possibilities that are to become available. It will not be checked until I have left Cape Town. I am in no rush for this day to come.

Thoughts: Internships:

  • Funding – a major component and essential when it comes to the success of your organization and as such the success of a vision. This is reality, a sad reality of life and the world that we live in. Our areas of internship contribute services for the betterment of individuals. This component of vision, especially its availability, was represented by the structure and integrity of the building and further more denoted by the location, Mowbray vs. Mitchells Plain.
  • We are a part of this gradient.
  • Christel House – this organization really touched my heart. I had to hold back tears. I found this organization truly inspirational and it gave me hope, the belief that the cycle of poverty can truly come to an end. The school was originally and privately funded to educate the “poorest of the poor” and further educate their family. This was the first time I had heard that students were not required to pay school fees. It was a true success story. “Once a child is part of Christel House they are forever” – this I found beautiful. This organization embodies good, and integrity.

~~~ Dreams are possible. Christel House is the equivalent of my dream to open a clinic in Ecuador. ~~~

  • Tafelsig: My internship
    I’m scared, nervous, excited. I am afraid that I will love to be here but not contribute in a significant way. I am afraid that I will fail.