Letters from Guatemala

By Students in the U21 Global Classroom

Join a global team of students from UConn and other Universitas 21 institutions in Guatemala, as they learn about cooperation, global citizenship, and social entrepreneurship in the global virtual classroom and on the ground.

Ella: Why Do I Love Guatemalan People?

Why do I love Guatemalan people?

They let you take precious minutes of their life talking about something they might not be particularly interested with a big smile on their faces and no hint of discontentment.

They give you the best meal while they have plain beans and tortillas.

They are patient with your poor Spanish and make learning Spanish a funny experience, as opposed to an embarrassing set of mistakes.

They thank you repeatedly for nice things you have done for them and often for things you haven’t.

They don’t mind you invading their ‘space bubble’ on the crowded buses or literally breathing in their faces.

They tell you look great when you think you look your worst. Mornings and rainy days are a perfect example.

They eat beans every single day and still love it.

They never complain about things they don’t have. They simply enjoy the ones they have.

They are happy to sit down and share the latest juicy details of the soap opera episode you missed and even tell you the whole story since the first episode, just in case you missed it.

They are going to try to sell you something just for the sake of having a chat with you and finding out where are you from.

They put family first and actually enjoy sharing a house with twelve other people.

They are happy to share details of their personal life with an openness difficult to find anywhere else.

They have high morals and great pride in what they do, no matter how simple is their lifestyle.

They smile with a warmth that makes any foreigner feel at home in Guatemala.