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Drones over Storrs?

A British newspaper posted a positively breathless story today about the sites in the U.S. where the FAA permits flights by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) sometimes called “drones.” UConn is one of several colleges and universities on the list. The Drudge Report then linked to the story. Now, some people are very calmly asking WHY IS UCONN FLYING DRONES ARE YOU SPYING ON ME IS THE FBI DOING IT WHY WHY WHY!??!?!?!

Etc. You get the idea. Well, take a deep breath. Relax.

A professor in the School of Engineering’s department of Mechanical Engineering has permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate a small battery-powered helicopter as part of his academic research. No flights have yet taken place since the project has apparently yet to be funded. According to a story on, “the goal will be to research autonomous navigation and guidance systems.”

So, The Lookout is sorry to say that visions of unmanned fighter jets soaring above Storrs conducting surveillance on the population below are, sadly, unfounded.