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A young girl in a pink sweatshirt reads a book.

Public Health Insurance for Parents Improves Children’s Reading Skills, UConn HDFS Study Finds

Assistant professor Caitlin Lombardi and her collaborators found that children whose parents became newly eligible for Medicaid coverage under the ACA demonstrated approximately 2.3% higher reading scores

Hartford Connecticut skyline, Wickham Park, CT.

When Constructing Conservation Networks, It’s Best to Have a Plan

'You want to try to figure out what kind of habitat types we have and then collect at least one of everything'

Ski lifts drift over a green field as people walk in the distance.

Clues about the Northeast’s Past and Future Climate from Plant Fossils

The warmer, wetter, and homogeneous climate of the past may soon return for the eastern seaboard

Cleaning up the ‘Wild West’ of CBD: UConn Startup PCTRx Revolutionizing Industry with Novel Polymer Platform

PCTRx is developing its recently licensed polycannabinoid platform technology as a drug delivery system and biodegradable plastics, with an eye toward even more applications

Yaowu Yuan at the EEB greenhouse

Yellow Evolution: Unique Genes Led to New Species of Monkeyflower

Research sheds light on a crucial area of evolution

Sunrise over a barren, rocky landscape, namely the Karoo Basin in South Africa.

Mercury Helps to Detail Earth’s Most Massive Extinction Event

'It wasn't just one very bad day on Earth. The situation is much more complicated than people realized'

Supermassive Black Hole Consuming Another Black Hole.

A Front Row View, an Abundance of Data, and a Glimpse of How Galaxies Evolve

UConn researchers are taking some of the guesswork out of how supermassive black holes merge

Sand lance, a vital forage fish, caught off the coast of Greenland.

Genetic Barriers, a Warming Ocean, and the Uncertain Future for an Important Forage Fish

'It's all temperature driven, and the implications for this, in light of climate change, are huge'

Aeration tanks in a sewage treatment plant.

A Solution for Reclaiming Valuable Resources Flushed Down the Drain

UConn researchers are turning a sewage treatment plant problem into biofuel

Waterbury psych experiment

Neural Development Research Yields Milestone for UConn Waterbury

Psychology Professor Kimberly Cuevas has earned the campus its first National Institutes of Health R01 award, creating new scientific and community opportunities