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Underwater images of sharks feasting on a large carcass.

Shark Feast! And Insights about Carbon Sequestration

A team of researchers including UConn's Peter Auster stumbled on something rarely glimpsed by human beings - a deep-sea shark feast.

UConn Researchers Leveraging CT Health Data to Develop Suicide Risk Algorithms

UConn researchers are using multiple health care data sources for a project that could help health care providers better identify when patients are at risk of attempting suicide.

Nathan Alder, assistant professor of molecular and cell biology at his lab on June 27, 2013. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

UConn Researcher Investigates Promising Candidate for Mitochondrial Disease Treatment

Researchers and clinicians are exploring many potential medicinal approaches for investigating and treating the root causes of diseases including gene and enzyme replacement therapy. But another therapeutic approach is to develop compounds that maintain cells in a healthy state. Cellular organelles called mitochondria are increasingly recognized as promising targets for such compounds. Mitochondria are responsible […]

two women

Journaling Project Makes The Pandemic Personal

All types of people have kept journals and diaries for years. Unfortunately, most of them get lost in history, unless fame and fortune come the writer’s way. The Pandemic Journaling Project is designed to make sure that does not happen to people's experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mother reading a book to her child

Identifying Dyslexia Early

The AppRise project uses a free, game-like app to help teachers assess kids as young as five and get them the help they need to learn to read.

a map of the world

New Human Rights Research Consortium Draws International Audience for Initial Conference

More than 150 human rights researchers from four continents will gather virtually today for the inaugural conference of the Connecticut/Baden-Württemberg Human Rights Research Consortium (HRRC).

UConn PEP: Transforming and Connecting Communities

Rich Mutts '06 (CLAS) describes how he used the UConn PEP program to help transform his community.

Rock strata. UConn researchers analyzed leaf wax compounds in soils and sediment to reconstruct ancient climates, with a view to better understanding the impact of future climate change. (Getty Images)

Past is Key to Predicting Future Climate, Scientists Say

A group of researchers say understanding climates of the very distant past will help us understand what the future might hold for the planet.

An image of spectra taken from the first observations of the SSDS-V cosmological observation project

UConn Researcher an Architect for Astronomical Survey Making Observations Toward a New Understanding of the Cosmos

A UConn researcher is part of a national data-gathering project that will yield insights into the formation and development of galaxies and black holes.

Manisha Sinha, Draper Chair of American History, lectures at the Gentry Building. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Brave Space: Manisha Sinha

As part of the Brave Space series, historian Manisha Sinha reflects on her background and life experiences and the 2020 presidential election.