New Study Examines Civil Society’s Effect on Mass Violence

October 14, 2020

UConn researcher Evan Perkoski discusses his work examining the role civil society can play in preventing – or perpetrating – mass killings.

Study: When More Pain Means More Gain

September 3, 2019

Researchers found positive psychological outcomes and increased well-being in participants who performed an extreme annual ritual as part of a national celebration.

Snapshot: Elic Weitzel in Kosovo

June 28, 2019

A UConn graduate student in archaeology just returned from a research trip to Kosovo, where he is helping collect and identify artifacts to help understand the history of the region.

Education Abroad: Drew-Asia Keating ’20, London, England

April 24, 2019

First-generation college student Drew Asia-Keating ’20 (CLAS) says her Education Abroad experience in London took her out of her comfort zone.

Education Abroad: Luis Rivera ’19, Prague, Czech Republic

April 19, 2019

Accounting major Luis Rivera ’19 (BUS) says his Education Abroad experience in Prague, Czech Republic, helped him grow as a person.

Education Abroad: Omaniel Ortiz ’20, London, England

April 11, 2019

For first-generation college student Omaniel Ortiz, his Education Abroad experience in London was the first time he traveled outside the U.S.

Education Abroad: Anna Zarra Aldrich ’20, London, England

April 5, 2019

People ‘asked me a lot of questions about American politics and we talked a lot about Brexit. Working and meeting with different people was a huge part of the experience,’ says Anna Zarra Aldrich ’20 (CLAS).

Education Abroad: Preston Bogan ’19, Paris, France

March 25, 2019

‘If you don’t look outside your own comfort zone … you are missing out,’ says Bogan after spending a semester in Paris.

Education Abroad: Ashley Jacques ’20, Dublin, Ireland

March 13, 2019

‘I am now kicking myself that I did not do a full semester,’ says Ashley Jacques ’20 (BUS), as she recalls the summer she spent with an Education Abroad program in Ireland last year.

Education Abroad: Lisa Darminova ’19, Hong Kong

March 7, 2019

‘There are so many different people in Hong Kong. There is a big international community, so it’s easy to make friends,’ says Lisa Darminova ’19 (CLAS).

Op-ed: Why Storage and Handling are to Blame for Uganda’s Poor Quality Seed

February 27, 2019

Monitoring mechanisms and collective action by stakeholders are key for better seeds, writes Nathan Fiala of the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources.