UConn students and faculty members at the United Nations climate conference in Egypt.

UConn@COP 27: Looking for Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Students who attended the United Nations conference reflect on what they'll take away from it

A photo of a student riding a horse in the Himalayan Mountains with the title "A Factory in the Mountains" over top of it

Whatever It Takes: Yak Cheese and UConn Research, at 17,000 Feet

Somewhere near the top of the world, a UConn professor, undergrad, and alum help a 'risky' venture become a success

Experiential Global Learning Student Spotlight: Maxine Lynch

Majoring in Nursing, third-year student Maxine Lynch spent her Summer 2022 studying abroad for three weeks. Her location of choice: Rhodes, Greece!

Experiential Global Learning Student Spotlight: Amy Chen

Majoring in Journalism and Global Studies, fourth-year student Amy Chen made the most out of her Fall 2021 semester studying abroad. Her school of choice: Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea!

A sailboat on the water, with a setting sun on the horizon.

Question for Conservation Efforts: 200 Miles from Shore, Who’s in Charge?

When it comes to deciding who has a say in what happens on the high seas, it’s complicated

Mt. Vesuvius erupts in1880. Researchers are detailing a cataclysmic eruption of Vesuvius from thousands of years before the famous eruption that buried Pompeii. (Contributed photo).

Detailing a Disastrous Autumn Day in Ancient Italy

A trove information courtesy of a Vesuvius eruption - but not the one you may be thinking of

UConn-Led Racial Equity Summit Seeks Ways for Higher Ed to Bolster Anti-Racism Efforts

Multi-university effort offers global perspective on issues of justice and equity

Archaeological sediment from Abu Hureyra being “floated” during the early 1970s to extract organic remains including seeds and wood charcoal.

Ancient Dung Reveals Earliest Evidence for Animal Tending

The beginning stages of humanity's revolutionary turn from hunting and gathering to full-fledged farming and herding

The volunteers distributing donations to refugees on the Ukrainian border, Russian-Ukrainian war concept.

School of Social Work Researchers Explore New Model to Sponsor Refugees

Their paper suggests a combination of community and private sponsorship could transform the future of refugee resettlement in the US

Experiential Global Learning Student Spotlight: Shayna Martin

Majoring in Communication, fourth-year student Shayna Martin had an unforgettable Spring 2022 semester studying abroad. Her program of choice: ISI Florence in Florence, Italy!