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Senescent Cell Tissue Mapping Will Facilitate Study of Aging and Chronic Diseases

UConn Health and The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine assume key roles, share in $13.5 million NIH grant with top medical centers

An overweight young man sits on a bed, gazing out the window with an air of melancholy. People with type 2 diabetes face stigma that can adversely affect their health.

UConn Rudd Center: People with Type 2 Diabetes Face Multiple Forms of Stigma, with Concerning Health Implications

Researchers say efforts are needed to improve support and reduce harmful effects on health

Ivermectin tablets in a blister pack.Ivermectin has proven to be valuable in treating some diseases, but COVID-19 isn't one of them.

Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-Winning Wonder Drug – But Not for COVID-19

Although ivermectin has been a game-changer for people with certain infectious diseases, it isn’t going to save patients from COVID-19 infection

Nurse Researcher Xiaomei Cong Receives the 2021 Virginia A. Henderson Award

Given by the Connecticut Nurses Association, the honor recognizes Cong's significant contributions to nursing research

Breast Cancer Patient Shares Her Journey to Help Others

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is designated as a time is to support those who have been through and are going through, the difficult breast cancer journey. In addition, it has a goal of raising awareness of ways in which this deadly disease can be avoided and found earlier.

Pharmacist holding medicine box and capsule pack in pharmacy drugstore.

Why Prescription Drugs Can Work Differently for Different People

Genetic differences, drug interactions and inflammation can affect how well drugs work in the body

Article Published in Nature Aging Journal Features Work by UConn Center on Aging Researchers

Article documents studies on the biology of aging and longevity, examining aging at a biological level and exploring efforts at harnessing those biological processes to prolong life span and health span.

Brain cancer concept and malignant tumor symbol as a neurology and neuroscience symbol of malignant cells spreading inside a human head as a 3D illustration render.

Stress Pushes Brain Cancer Cells to Adapt

Finding methods to more effectively neutralize evasive tumors

The Transformative Scandinavian Trip that Led a Nursing Ph.D. Student Back to UConn

George Goodrich '09 (NUR) worked in paramedicine and public radio before finding his way to nursing — and now has returned to UConn to pursue his doctorate

An older couple holding hands. Research at UConn enabled by a new endowment is aimed at alleviating illnesses common to the aging process.

Newton Fellowship Seeks to Expand Medical Education to Include Nutritional Interventions in Patient Care

An innovative partnership linking the School of Medicine and the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources