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UConn Health Experts Weigh in on RSV Surge

Experts recommend continued vigilance to prevent spread of all respiratory illnesses, including influenza, COVID-19

Dr. Erica Chen presents a poster

Uncovering Brain Cancer’s Molecular Signature

UConn Health, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine among few in the world able to analyze tumors with elite precision

New Trial Targets Reducing Risk Behaviors, Increasing PrEP Adherence for People who Use Drugs

This study will work with people who use drugs and have cognitive impairment, helping them reduce risky sex- and drug- related behaviors and increase adherence to PrEP

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Student Researcher Explores New Frontier of Whooping Cough Vaccine

During a summer research experience, Noelle Maloney was part of a team helping to develop new vaccine options for this growing health concern

Nurse at bedside with patient using tablet

Bringing the Patient Portal to the Bedside

UConn Health is rolling out an interactive patient tool by rolling it in to hospital rooms, offering patients a new level of access to information specific to their stay.

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Podcast: TARGETing PTSD

As Veteran's Day approaches, and with the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School not far behind, UConn Health clinical psychologists Julian Ford and Rocio Chang discuss post-traumatic stress disorder on the November 2022 episode of the UConn Health Pulse podcast.

Newborn baby being examined by paediatric doctors moments after

Five Questions About the Surging Outbreak of Respiratory Syncytial Virus

RSV infects cells in a person’s lungs, throat, and nose and can lead to anything from a mild cold to pneumonia

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UConn Researchers Study Mind-Healing Powers of Ketamine Derivatives for Severe Depression

Trials aim to treat the most intractable cases of depression

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COVID Shots as Part of Recommended Routine

Measles, Mumps, Rubella… and now, COVID-19. A UConn Health pediatrics expert helps explain the addition of the COVID-19 vaccines to the CDC’s recommended immunization schedule for children and adults.

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Fighting Fragility Fractures

Fractures in older adults often are related to osteoporosis, and can increase the chances of additional fractures and other health problems that can be debilitating. UConn Health’s fracture liaison service takes a multispecialty approach to treating and preventing these injuries.