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Sharon Casavant

Nurse Researcher Receives $15,000 Grant from UConn InCHIP to Investigate Inherited Stress in Black Mothers and Preterm Infants

The two-year award will allow Sharon Casavant to examine perceived discrimination, neighborhood vulnerability, and stress among 35 mother-infant pairs

Mother and daughter having a difficult discussion in their home.

Study Reveals How Parents Talk About Their Teen’s Weight, and How Teens Feel About It

Positive weight comments from parents were reported to be more frequent than negative parental comments about weight

Students relaxing under a blossoming tree on UConn's Great Lawn.

Weeklong Event Invites UConn Community to Rest

A weeklong series of events focused on promoting and encouraging rest as a means of personal wellness and social change

The UConn Health Pulse Podcast logo.

Podcast: Supplying CT’s Health Care Workforce

Dr. Bruce T. Liang, dean of the UConn School of Medicine, and Dr. Steven Lepowsky, dean of the UConn School of Dental Medicine, explain the role of the medical, dental, and graduate schools in preparing and producing generations of professionals to maintain Connecticut's health care workforce.

Behind the Degree: Nursing Ph.D. Student Aims to Expose Health Care Inequities Within the Correctional System

Anne Reeder began to question the quality of the correctional health care system after working in a mid-sized jail in Colorado

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Podcast: Colon Cancer, Nuts, and Early Onset

UConn Health molecular oncology researcher Daniel Rosenberg's studies find walnut consumption can impact gut bacteria in a way that seems to fight off inflammation in some people. He’s also investigating why colon cancers are turning up more in younger people, in their 40s and even 30s.

Cocaine, dried hemp and ecstasy on dark background, top view.

More Older Adults Getting Treated for Substance Abuse

The rate of people aged 55 or over getting treatment increased from 8.8 per 1,000 people in 2000 to 15.1 per 1,000 in 2017

An illustration depicting the human heart against a scientific chart measuring heartbeats.

Deleting a Protein in Mice Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

The research holds promising potential for treating heart disease in humans

Group portait taken on front porch of a home

Homeless No More, Thanks to ‘Guardian Angel’ From UConn Health

“I don’t think I would have lasted another winter.” A man who was homeless for most of the last four decades credits the population health team at UConn Health for helping him find a home.

Louise Reagan

Nurse Researcher Receives Health Disparities Grant from the American Diabetes Association

Louise Reagan's research is testing a mobile app that will help incarcerated individuals self-manage their diabetes when they reenter society from prison