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woman in a blazer holding an ipad looks at the camera with a classroom behind her

Q&A: Supporting Your Child’s Well-Being During the Pandemic

'Don't sink the boat,' the importance of routine, and other advice for a turbulent time

An illustration depicting the coronavirus microbe.

Avoid the ‘Double Jeopardy’ of COVID-19 if You Have a Preexisting Condition Like Heart Disease

Find out why Dr. Bruce T. Liang, director of UConn Health’s Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center, is advising older adults and those with preexisting conditions like heart disease to take strict precautions against COVID-19 and get vaccinated once eligible.

Arjona Building

Two Social Work Alums Hired to Head Up University Mental Health Efforts

New hires bring decades of experience to carry out UConn's mental health support plans.

An older woman talks with her doctor via computer tablet, illustrating the type of telemedicine being discussed by the research study in the story.

UConn Researcher Offers Lessons Learned from a Pre-Pandemic Study of Telemedicine Use

Looking beyond the numbers to better understand a complex health care question.

Clipboard with written prescription statins and stethoscope.

Statistically, Not Enough People Take Statins

Too many people are taking aspirin for heart health when it may not be effective for them.

Safely Striking Out Stroke by Innovatively Unclogging Carotid Arteries

February is American Heart Month but managing your overall cardiovascular health includes stroke prevention too. Learn about how one stroke survivor beat the odds and is now preventing a future stroke with UConn Health's innovative help.

What Is Food Insecurity?

The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened an already significant problem.

EMT and provider with a patient in the ED

Winter in the Emergency Department: Careful With that Snowblower

Add potential COVID-19 cases to the list of what the providers in the UConn John Dempsey Hospital ED are seeing this time of year, along with winter’s common health hazards from snow removal and injuries from winter sports.

Unrecognizable woman holds a box of effervescent antacid while shopping in pharmacy.

How Some Drugs Can Turn Into a Cancer-Causing Chemical in the Body

Sitting on the shelf could increase the amount of a carcinogen present in some common types of medication.

Stopping Stroke Damage

An innovative treatment nearing human clinical trial at UConn Health could put an end to long-term stroke damage.