Leo Lachut in the driver seat of a limo looking toward the back of the limo

UConn Magazine: Leo Can Handle It

From behind the wheel of a stretch, Leo Lachut ’89 (CLAS) has seen a lot of things. While abiding by the “limo code,” UConn’s director of Academic Support shares a few favorite stories.

The Lewises in Trafalgar Square visiting Sam during her freshman year at NYU London in 2019. From left: Ava, Sam, Greg, and Barbara.

UConn Magazine: The Right Man for the Job

If you want to be a leader, you need to think like one, says Greg Lewis ’91 (BUS), senior vice president and CFO of Honeywell.

Photo of Brian Feroldi

UConn Magazine: Making Money

Wondering how to get started with stock-market investing? Motley Fool writer Brian Feroldi ’04 (BUS) has you covered.

Hosokawa uses methods she learned at UConn to train members of the Japan Coast Guard and help athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

UConn Magazine: Rescue Mission

Kinesiology alum Yuri Hosokawa ’16 (CAHNR) uses methods she learned at UConn to train the Japan Coast Guard.

Illustration reflecting the book written by Rosemary Sullivan

UConn Magazine: Who Betrayed Anne Frank?

“I love the hunt,” says Rosemary Sullivan ’69 MA, a queen of compelling biography. Her latest tome tackles one of World War II’s most persistent and villainous mysteries.

Amanda Yagan standing by an MRI machine with a laptop showing brain scans

UConn Magazine: Out of the Minds of Babes

Cute kids, brilliant scientists, and exciting trips bring joy for Amanda Yagan ’21 (CLAS) at the Advanced Baby Imaging Lab.

Marc D’Amelio sitting on his couch in his Connecticut home

UConn Magazine: Father-Daughter Dance

Marc D’Amelio ’91 (CLAS) — who with daughters Charli and Dixie is a social media and reality TV star — talks parenting, TikTok, bleeding blue, and Beavis and Butthead.

An illustration of people standing around drinking coffee while observing people digging in the backyard archaeological site

UConn Magazine: Caribou and Coffee

How a chance discovery at a quirky coffee shop turned up one of Connecticut’s most significant archaeological sites.

Portriat of UConn alumn Frank Figliuzzi ’87 JD

UConn Magazine: Frank Figliuzzi’s FBI Story

Frank Figliuzzi ’87 JD, host of the podcast “The Bureau with Frank Figliuzzi,” MSNBC analyst, and author of “The FBI Way,” maintains a “fidelity, bravery, integrity” mission despite retirement.

Sims in an elementary classroom in Willimantic, Connecticut.

UConn Magazine: Power, Privilege, and Public Education

Who is the “public” in “public education”? Future teachers in this class tease apart that question, using history and current events to examine the inequities in our educational systems and to posit real-world fixes.