durgin in running gear on turf

UConn Magazine: How to Run a Marathon — or a 5k

After her top-10 finish in the 10K final at the 2021 Olympic trials, Emily Durgin ’17 (CLAS) decided to take it up a notch.

portrait of dennis pierce

UConn Magazine: Keep the Change

Dennis Pierce ’15 MBA never got the memo about how humans tend to be change averse. During his 34-year tenure at UConn Dining Services the recently retired Pierce created a culture of change.

cowen touring disaster relief area

UConn Magazine: Call Cowen!

The more extraordinary the challenge, the more likely UConn Distinguished Alumnus Scott Cowen will be asked to help.

soccer goaltender holding the soccer ball

UConn Magazine: Bend it like Rembrandt?

Maria Yatrakis ’02 (SFA) was recruited for the Greek Olympic team while she was playing soccer for UConn.

LaShawnda Phillips '20 (RHSA), '22 (CAHNR) riding Handsome in the West Meadow of Keney Park, Hartford.

UConn Magazine: So Handsome

When LaShawnda Phillips (RHSA ’20, CAHNR ’22) first moved to her neighborhood in Hartford at age 13, she set out to do some exploring. She found horses.

UConn Magazine: Micaela Levesque

Micaela Levesque ’17 (CLAS) has known that art was her calling since middle school.

photo of adamsons on campus

UConn Magazine: HDFS 1060 Close Relationships Across The Lifespan

Students who take “Close Relationships” learn the reasons why some relationships work out and others don’t. After taking the class we still might not always do the right thing. But at least we’ll know what went wrong.

crowd gathered outside a SoHo artist walk

UConn Magazine: Walk This Way

An alum and Guggenheim Fellow whose art is about nature, adventure — and sneakers.

luker sitting at her desk with technology

UConn Magazine: Engineering Her Best Self

Courtney Luker's ’22 (ENG) interest in figuring out how things work by taking them apart and putting them back together again was obvious from the time she was a toddler.

trading cards

UConn Magazine: Heritage Cards

There are many ways to identify the pinnacle in the career of an athlete. Money, fame, medals, and trophies are some of the obvious ones. Dating back to the 19th century, being pictured on a trading card is another one of those benchmarks.