UConn Magazine: Farms = Food = Life

When alum Steven Were Omamo sees someone planting, he sees hope. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee seems to agree.

UConn Magazine: Our American Girls

What do you do with a history doctorate and a pop culture obsession? If you’re these two alums, you create a hit podcast centering on ’90s nostalgia.

Esther Pahl sitting on her deck

UConn Magazine: Esther Pahl is Still Making a Difference

At age 97, Esther Pahl ’52 MSW is still very much making a difference.

Greg Sazima meditating outside

UConn Magazine: Dispensing Stress Vitamins

Have you been wanting to try a meditation practice but just haven’t known where to start? Greg Sazima ’90 MD might just be the guru for you.

Anti-monopoly crusaders Daniel Hanley, left, and Jackie Filson at the UConn Law School in Hartford last December.

UConn Magazine: Monopoly Busters

Daniel Hanley ’12 (BUS), ’19 JD and Jackie Filson ’16 (CLAS) lead a growing anti-monopoly movement at the Open Markets Institute in D.C.

Bobbie Ann Mason sitting at her dining room table

UConn Magazine: Bobbie Ann Mason — Then and Now

Writing her latest novel “Dear Ann,” Mason says she thought often about UConn, about the beauty of campus in the fall and about meeting her husband near Diana’s Pool.

Vishal Patel standing in front of an ambulence

UConn Magazine: The Test Drive

Vishal Patel ’21 (BUS, CLAS) sampled primary care as an EMT.

Malachi Bridges standing on a New Haven street

UConn Magazine: Is the American Dream For All Americans?

Malachi Bridges ’21 (CLAS) wants the dream of home ownership to be a lot more equitable.

Close up shot of Richie Mutts

UConn Magazine: Redefining “Wealth”

For Richie Mutts ’06 (CLAS) the impulse to do good is as irresistible as an infectious melody.

Close up shot of Marilyn Nelson

UConn Magazine: Making the World More Poetic

Where some poets turn ever inward, Marilyn (Waniek) Nelson turns outward, and there is compassion in every line she writes.