Natural Resources & the Environment

O Which Tannenbaum? A UConn Guide to Picking the Best Tree for Your Holiday Traditions

Heading out to a local tree farm? UConn experts give you the inside scoop on picking the perfect pine (or spruce or fir) for your holiday

Lightning strikes over a city at night, illustrating the sudden and dangerous nature of so-called cytokine storms, potentially fatal episodes where inflammation-causing proteins flood the blood.

Grant Enhances Solar Energy, Storm Readiness Efforts

Eversource Energy Center associate director Junbo Zhao earns $4.4 million to develop transformative technologies and advance Connecticut’s preparedness and response to inclement weather

Hartford skyline

Greening with Equity: Dearth of Ecosystem Services Corresponds to Non-White Areas

A new UConn study explores how communities of color remain excluded from all that nature has to offer

The researcher team led a field tour in June attended by DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes, Deputy Commissioner Mason Trumble, Director of the Office of Climate Planning Rebecca French, and State Forester Christopher Martin.

‘The Problem is Nature Just Isn’t Natural Anymore’

As Connecticut’s trees are pushed to the brink by climate change, UConn researchers are working to help make New England woodlands more resilient

Smiling woman outside

Amy Harder Appointed Associate Dean of UConn Extension

Harder will lead UConn Extension's programs, which serve all of Connecticut's 169 municipalities

Female puma (Puma concolor) in the high country in the Gros Ventre Mountains near Jackson, Wyoming

From Wyoming Mountains to Connecticut Forests, Tracking Feline Apex Predators

UConn researchers have developed a model for tracking apex feline predators like mountain lions and bobcats in the wild

Drying arctic lake in the summer of 2022

Opening the Gates for Arctic Science

This work provides fundamental understanding of how the Arctic is responding to climate change

A woman in chest waders stands in a stream, taking scientific measurements.

The Travails of an Alewife: Dams, Drought, and Climate Change

UConn researchers are studying the alewife – a threatened species and vital food web component -- for clues on how CT waterways and their inhabitants will adapt to climate change

Giselle Malloy

Meet the Undergraduate Researcher: Giselle Malloy, CAHNR

Giselle Malloy '23 has a passion for environmental justice that has led to intriguing undergraduate research opportunities in water stewardship. This profile is part of a series for UConn's Month of Discovery.

Earth’s night lights as observed in 2016 based on NASA’s Black Marble Product.

Viewing Earth from Space at Night: Tracking Our Changing Black Marble

Turning on the lights when the sun goes down offers great insights into a range of human activities. Now scientists have a way to make better use of satellite data monitoring nighttime light changes