Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Barriers in Food Access Contribute to Inequitable Risks of Obesity and Food Insecurity Among Food Pantry Clients

October 21, 2020

Food pantry clients face higher rates of both food insecurity and obesity, according to a new study.

Weight Stigma Predicts Emotional Distress and Binge Eating During COVID-19

September 10, 2020

Young adults who have experienced weight stigma have more distress and maladaptive eating behaviors during the pandemic, regardless of their body size, researchers at UConn’s Rudd Center have found.

Rudd Center: Beverage Companies Spent More than $1 Billion in Advertising for Sugary Drinks and Energy Drinks in 2018

June 23, 2020

Beverage companies continue to disproportionately target Black and Hispanic youth with TV ads for soda, sports drinks and other sugary drinks, according to UConn’s Rudd Center.

Many LGBTQ Teens Report Bullying that Extends Beyond Their Sexual and Gender Orientations

June 15, 2020

Nearly three-quarters of LGBTQ adolescents experience at least one experience of being bullied for reasons other than their sexual or gender identities.

School Wellness Policies Key to Ensuring New York Schools Adopt Healthier Nutrition and Exercise Standards

May 7, 2020

A new study by UConn’s Rudd Center finds that school districts with strong wellness policies are more likely to have nutrition and physical activity programs in their schools.

Added Sugars in Toddler Milks and Claims About Unproven Benefits for Young Children Concern Experts

February 4, 2020

Experts at UConn’s Rudd Center are concerned about the rapid growth in sales of “toddler milk” products that include added sugar.

Weight Stigma Doesn’t Discriminate

November 5, 2019

Regardless of sexual orientation, two out of three adults enrolled in WW reported experiencing and internalizing weight stigma.

Ample Ads and Confusing Labels Drive Children’s Sweetened Drink Sales

October 16, 2019

Package claims on sweetened children’s drinks, and similarities between claims on sweetened and unsweetened drinks, can confuse parents about their nutritional content, the study says.

For Men, Weight Stigma Comes with Harmful Health Consequences

July 30, 2019

Health care providers may want to ask men about weight stigma to help identify those who may be vulnerable to depression or disordered eating behaviors, which are underdiagnosed in men, says the UConn study author.

Substance Abuse Seen Among LGBTQ Victims of Weight Bullying

June 3, 2019

Weight-based victimization among LGBTQ youth is associated with increased odds of binge drinking, alcohol, marijuana, and cigarette use, says a new UConn study.

Healthy ‘Meal Kits’ are Attractive to Food Pantry Clients

March 19, 2019

Clients were three times as likely to take kale and whole grains when they visited the pantry on days when recipe tastings and meal kits were available, compared to the days when neither was provided, according to UConn study.