School of Business

The Numbers on Connecticut’s Newest Crop: Hemp

April 2, 2020

A new report provides the first overall look at the financial realities of Connecticut’s newly legal hemp farming industry.

Q&A: Coronavirus and Connecticut Taxes

April 2, 2020

UConn School of Law Prof. Richard Pomp provides some insight on how the coronavirus pandemic might affect Connecticut’s state and local revenues (hint: it’s not a pretty picture).

Professors: Pandemic Creates ‘Watershed Moment’ for Telecommuting

March 23, 2020

UConn School of Business experts offer insight and advice on telecommuting as remote work experiences a pandemic-caused upsurge.

For UConn’s Lucy Gilson, Business and Research Are a Natural Fit

March 18, 2020

UConn’s Lucy Gilson says the School of Business is doing vital research, and wants the world to know it.

Q&A: Detecting and Preventing Corporate Tax Loopholes

March 17, 2020

UConn’s Frank Murphy wants to help governments make better tax policies.

Q&A: Keeping an Eye on the Gatekeepers of Retirement Funds

March 12, 2020

UConn School of Business professor Jose Vicente Martinez wants to understand how people save for retirement – and how it can be done better.

COVID-19 and Business: UConn Experts Offer Perspective

March 11, 2020

Experts from the UConn School of Business weigh in on COVID-19’s potential effects on the economy.

Q & A: Professor Champions Businesses as Emerging Tech Disrupts Status Quo

March 3, 2020

Emerging technology may be disruptive, but can be an opportunity for businesses.

Professor Champions Businesses as Emerging Tech Disrupts Status Quo

February 24, 2020

As technology evolves (almost daily!), Professor Shu He of OPIM’s goal is to help companies and other researchers understand the changes. We talked to her about what interests her the most in this ever-changing landscape.

Q&A: UConn Researcher Explains How Toxic Bosses Damage the Workplace

February 19, 2020

Bad bosses can make an entire workplace suffer, says School of Business researcher Kyoungjo “Jo” Oh.

Giving Good Bacteria an Edge in Making Cheese

February 18, 2020

UConn researchers have identified ways to boost good bacteria needed for making the best cheese.