School of Dental Medicine

Linda Strausbaugh, left, professor of molecular and cell biology, Amanda Dupuy, a graduate student and Patricia Diaz, assistant clinical professor of periodontology review research data in a lab at Beach Hall on March 5, 2014. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Genome Research on Mouth Fungi May Help Predict Infections

The UConn study will advance the treatment of oral infections in those with a suppressed immune system.

Mock Dental Boards

Fourth-Year Dental Students Participate in Mock Exams

The two-day preparation mimics the clinical licensure exam the seniors take at the end of February.

Dental Care Leads to Free Breast Cancer Screening

The Screening with a Smile program offers mammograms to underserved women seeking dental care at the Health Center.

Donors Get Behind Charity Dental Care

A dozen donors have contributed toward a new initiative called Share the Care.

Bioscience Connecticut’s Impact on Dental School

Q&A with Dr. R. Lamont MacNeil, dean, UConn School of Dental Medicine.