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Leading in Teaching Nursing History – Dr. Thomas Long

“Whereof what’s past is prologue, what to come In yours and my discharge.” William Shakespeare, The Tempest. A line from Shakespeare’s last play decorates a corner of the United States Archives building in Washington, DC, as well as providing the title for a required course in the UConn School of Nursing’s final baccalaureate semester: Nursing’s […]

Student Leader – Victoria Sylvestre ’17

Life is what happens when you are making other plans, as many UConn School of Nursing students learn in the course of their classroom and clinical experiences. What makes a student a leader, however, is the ability to adapt to new circumstances and seize unexpected opportunities, a lesson not lost on pre-licensure student Victoria Sylvestre. […]

Leading in Policy – DNP Student, Christopher Yi ’18

“. . . the School could choose to move toward a leadership role in the nursing profession, committing its sizable faculty resources to pushing back the frontiers of knowledge in the art and science of helping people care for their health and overcome illness. The School could choose to firmly establish itself as a leader […]

UConn Science Salon Medical Marijuana

What Do We Know about Marijuana’s Medical Benefits?

A UConn expert from the Center for Advancement in Managing Pain says the research has been sparse and the results mixed.

AIDS35 logo.

Exhibit Recalls 35 Years of HIV/AIDS

Three exhibitions at UConn trace the progression of HIV/AIDS from diagnosis to death sentence to manageable disease.

Center for Advancement in Managing Pain (CAMP) – Interdisciplinary Research for Evidence-Based Practice

After several years of preparation and strategic faculty recruitment efforts, the UConn School of Nursing this year has launched the Center for Advancement in Managing Pain (CAMP), an interdisciplinary translational research and clinical implementation center. School of Nursing senior pain researcher Associate Professor Deborah Dillon McDonald, a specialist in chronic pain in older adults, in […]

Nursing responds to the Opiate Crisis

Nursing responds to the Opiate Crisis The data are staggering. According to Connecticut’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, 415 people died of heroin overdoses in 2015. Connecticut’s Senator Richard Blumenthal has called the opiate and heroin crisis a “public health hurricane.” Mental health nurse Dr. Annette Maruca, assistant clinical professor and an associate in […]

Nursing Study Abroad Short-term Programs

Nursing Study Abroad Short-term Programs Since the School of Nursing inaugurated the first full-semester clinical and didactic education abroad program in the United States less than a decade ago, students now have opportunities both for a full semester or for a variety of shorter education abroad experiences. “For many students, this time may be the […]

Quantitative Medicine with Minakshi Tikoo

School of Nursing Quantitative Medicine with Minakshi Tikoo The nursing profession is justly proud of its ethos of caring and holistic healing. However, nursing is also built on a foundation of careful attention to documenting and analyzing statistical information about a patient or patient population. Florence Nightingale was, after all, the first female Fellow of […]

CEIN/BS Nursing Program Soaring Popularity

“From tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow,” according to the popular proverb, and a decade after its inception CEIN/BS (originally called Master’s Entry into Nursing or MEIN) has grown from one site in Storrs to four, including Waterbury, Stamford, and Avery Point. Designed as an eleven-month intensive didactic and clinical program for students who had […]