Dr. C.B. Sai Sudhakar portrait, white coat

UConn Health Introduces Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Dr. C.B. Sai Sudhakar brings experience building cardiothoracic surgery programs to expand UConn Health’s academic and clinical offerings in the discipline.

Image of surgoen manipulating robotic surgical tools

Robotic Surgery’s ‘Big Difference’

Traditional surgery and less-invasive laparoscopic surgery still have limitations when it comes to access, visibility, and precision. Robot-assisted surgery can overcome those obstacles — and in many cases, eliminate them — as Dr. Eric Girard, a colorectal surgeon at UConn Health, explains.

Dr. Andrew Chen with a patient in an exam room

Establishing Guidelines for Surgery After Skin Cancer

Physicians now have evidence-based recommendations for when skin cancer leaves a patient in need of reconstructive surgery. UConn Health’s chief of plastic surgery, Dr. Andrew Chen, led a national brain trust to come up with them.

UConn Health First in New England to Offer Surgical Navigation for Breast-Conserving Surgery

Leading the way in breast-conserving surgery, UConn Health is the first hospital in New England to offer the surgical navigation system by EnVisio.

Safely Striking Out Stroke by Innovatively Unclogging Carotid Arteries

February is American Heart Month but managing your overall cardiovascular health includes stroke prevention too. Learn about how one stroke survivor beat the odds and is now preventing a future stroke with UConn Health's innovative help.

Thankful Heart Surgery Patient Knows the Power of a Checkup

This Thanksgiving Jeremy Wiseman shares his powerful personal story about how a simple checkup with his primary care doctor helped saved his life, along with successful heart surgery at UConn Health. As a result, he continues to live life to the fullest with his family, and is able to enjoy his love of exploring the great outdoors.

Dr. Falcone with equipment in eye exam room

Breakthrough Treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease

UConn Health offers the first and only FDA-approved thyroid infusion, which can delay or reduce the need for orbital surgery to relieve inflammation and preserve vision.

High school student peforming mock arthoscopic surgery, cheered on by another student and Dr. Katherine Coyner

Widening Women’s Paths to Orthopedic Surgery

It’s a historically male-dominated medical specialty, but UConn Health orthopedic surgeon Katherine Coyner is working to change the course of that history.