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What is a Margin of Error? This Statistical Tool Can Help Explain Vaccine Trials and Political Polling

If you've ever read a news story about a political poll, you've heard the phrase "margin of error." But what does it actually mean?

UConn Professor David Bergman, sitting at a desk and talking to an off-screen interlocutor, recently won $2.5 million in a fantasy football contest using skills he teaches to students.

Business Professor Wins $2.5 Million Fantasy Football Jackpot Using the Concepts He Teaches Students

For David Bergman, applying his knowledge and skills to the "cool math problem" of fantasy football has paid off - literally.

Thanh Nguyen

UConn Engineer Invents Reusable Biodegradable Facemask

The huge increase in facemasks during the COVID-19 pandemic is creating heaps of trash that take years to decompose - until now, thanks to an invention by a UConn engineer.

An image from Basil Twist’s “Symphonie Fantasique,” performed with fabric in a tank of water.

Ballard Forum Highlights Links Between Puppetry and Engineering

The director of the Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry has been finding ways to explore the surprising connections between puppetry and engineering.

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Remembering Dee Rowe

The obituary of UConn's iconic athletic and institutional ambassador.

Andy Slater '85 (ENG), a current Ph.D. candidate, demonstrates the haptic technology he's developing for firefighters on his cell phone.

The Fourth Wave of Firefighting Innovation

An idea that came to Andy Slater while riding his motorcycle has led to the development of a technology that could become a life-saving tool for firefighters.

A portrait photograph of Michelle Williams, the subject of the story.

Meet the Researcher: Michelle Williams

Psychological sciences researcher Michelle Williams says her research doesn't achieve its purpose if it can't lead to interventions that can provide help.

Lightning strikes over a city at night, illustrating the sudden and dangerous nature of so-called cytokine storms, potentially fatal episodes where inflammation-causing proteins flood the blood.

Cytokine Storms Can Kill. Researchers Found the Protein that Sparks Them

Researchers at UConn Health have made a discovery that offers insight into a disease that kills roughly 270,000 Americans every year.

Dee Rowe posing with his wife

UConn Legend Dee Rowe Passes Away at the Age of 91

Donald E. (Dee) Rowe, former head coach of UConn's men's basketball and UConn's iconic Athletics and Institutional Ambassador for the past 53 years, passed away early Sunday at his home in Storrs at the age of 91.

Eleanor Roosevelt acts as a disk jockey for children afflicted with polio. The purpose of the broadcast was to generate interest in a series of talent shows nationwide benefiting the March of Dimes. The children in the studio with Mrs. Roosevelt are (left to right): Florence Krieger, 15; Allen Fox, 13; George Redmond, 9; and Joyce Alexander, 12.

As COVID Vaccines Arrive, Remembering How An Earlier Pandemic Touched a Family

Not all of my insights into pandemics have come from academic research.