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Nanoparticles target tumors in peritoneal cavity.

Research Holds Promise for Improved Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

May 16, 2019

…Pharmaceutical Sciences. These nanoparticles target peritoneal metastases, exhibit strong contrast on computerized tomography (CT) images, and can potentially serve as radiosensitizers – making cancer cells more sensitive to radiation —…

Dewayne Johnson, who used Roundup in his job as groundskeeper and later developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma, has been awarded $289 million in damages. (AP Photo via The Conversation)

Jury finds Monsanto Liable in the first Roundup Cancer Trial – Here’s What Could Happen Next

August 13, 2018

…In the first of many pending lawsuits to go to trial, a jury in San Francisco concluded on Aug. 10 that the plaintiff had developed cancer from exposure to…

Female dermatologist examining female patient's skin with dermascope, carefully looking for signs of skin cancer. (Getty Images)

Melanoma’s Signature

May 1, 2017

…A suspicious mole is not always a sign of skin cancer, but it could be. To understand what makes a lesion suspicious, keep in mind the first five…

UConn Health June 2017 Programs, Events

May 30, 2017

…with non-metastatic breast cancer. Women at any point in their cancer survivorship journey are welcome. Meetings are the first and third Thursday of the month. To register or more information,…

Pramod Srivastava (left), director of the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center at UConn Health, oversees students Nandini Acharya (foreground) and Stephanie Floyd in his lab. (Carolyn Pennington/UConn Health Photo)

Divining Tumor Markers from DNA

December 1, 2016

…Researchers at UConn Health will team up with the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, the Cancer Research Institute, and 30 other organizations in a hunt for the telltale marks…

With grant support from the CT Breast Health Initiative, UConn Health will study how best to improve cancer survivor's' return to work experience.

Study Examines How Cancer Survivors Fare When Returning to Work

October 20, 2016

…There are an estimated 3.8 million working-age cancer survivors in the U.S. But just how well are these survivors transitioning back into the workforce after treatment? Alicia G. Dugan,…

Dr. Angela Kueck, gynecologic oncologist at the UConn Health Center, is interviewed on NBC Connecticut about ovarian and cervical cancer and the robotic surgical system that is now being used to treat these cancers. (Michael Fiedler for UConn Health Center)

V Foundation Backs Unprecedented Cancer Vaccine Trial at UConn Health

January 19, 2016

…UConn Health this year is starting a clinical trial of a vaccine designed to fight ovarian cancer using the patient’s own tumor. The V Foundation for Cancer Research is…

Vitamin D as Colon Cancer Foe

January 21, 2015

…Dr. Joel Levine, founding director of the Colon Cancer Prevention Program at UConn Health, has been studying vitamin D. (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health Photo) A recent study in the…

UConn Health September Programs, Events

August 14, 2014

…whose lives have been touched by bladder cancer. This support group, established in partnership with the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, usually meets on the first Saturday of the month and…

UConn Health Center May Programs, Events

April 30, 2012

…fly fishing event, with the proceeds going toward sending a breast cancer survivor to a Casting for Recovery weekend retreat. Tickets are $50 each and include the barbecue and fly…