Storrs Grants, October 2009

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) in October 2009. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is supplied each month by OSP.

Aindow, M., Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
Formation of Martensite and Reversion to Austenite in Maraging Steel 250
United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, $7,000, 9/09-1/10

Bonelli, J., Extension
Crop Insurance and Risk Management Education and Informational Resources Initiative for Connecticut Agriculture
USDA/Risk Management Agency, $235,000, 10/09-9/10

Brand, M., Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
Technical Assistance to Nursery Industry for Developing Protocols for Quality Assurance of Ornamental Barberry Plant Exports through Molecular Typing
USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service, $150,000, 10/09-9/12

Brodnitzki, T., Geography
Connecticut Geographic Alliance
National Geographic Society Education Foundation, $23,000, 10/09-11/10

Bruening, J., Kinesiology
Husky Sport: Pre-Adolescent Development through Sport and Physical Activity
City of Hartford, Conn., $25,328, 7/08-6/10

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
R/V CT Charter by UMaine for Buoy Deployment
University of Maine, $6,068, 10/09-10/09

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
Seawater Analysis for Bigelow Lab
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, $852, 10/09-10/09

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
R/V CT Charter by UMass for LIS Mixing Cruise
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, $6,068, 8/09-8/09

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
R/V CT Charter by WHOI for Buoy Farm Maintenance
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, $12,136, 9/09-10/09

Bucklin, A., Marine Sciences
R/V CT Charter by SPT Offshore for Buoy Maintenance
SPT Offshore LLC, $42,476, 9/09-12/09

Cole, J., Molecular & Cell Biology
Facet Biotech Corporation: Fee-for-Service Sedimentation Velocity Analysis
Facet Biotech Corp., $10,000, 9/09-8/10

De Guise, S., Sea Grant College Program
Development of Catch Share Management in New England
Environmental Defense, $58,358, 10/09-6/10

Demurjian, S., Computer Science & Engineering
Feasibility Study of Information System Reengineering: Part XIII
Connecticut Department of Insurance, $235,230, 6/09-6/10

Donaldson, M., Educational Leadership
Teacher Evaluation in Charter Schools
Center for American Progress, $12,570, 9/09-12/09

Duffy, V., Allied Health Sciences
Game on! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge
Action for Healthy Kids, $44,000, 10/09-9/10

Ellis, D., Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
CAPS Infrastructure Work Plan Fiscal Year 2009
USDA/Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service/Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, $6,748, 1/09-12/09

Fitch, R., Psychology
Project 3-Multi-Level Functional Studies of Candidate Dyslexia Susceptibility Genes in the Rat
PHS/NIH/National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, $647,818, 9/09-6/14

Flanery, T., Avery Point Campus-Student Services
Community Outreach: A Regional Campus Perspective
Connecticut Campus Compact, $2,500, 7/09-11/09

Gao, P., Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
Three-Dimensional Composite Nanostructures for Lean NOx Emission Control
DOE/National Energy Technology Laboratory, $392,282, 10/09-9/10

Gao, P., Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
Multifunctional Nanowire/Film Composites based Bi-Modular Sensors for In-Situ and Real-Time High Temperature Gas Detection
DOE/National Energy Technology Laboratory, $354,000, 10/09-3/11

Getchis, T., Sea Grant College Program
Print and Web Technical Tools for Shellfish Permitting
DOC/NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service/Oak Management Inc., $8,000, 10/09-9/10

Henning, R., Psychology
University of Massachusetts at Lowell/UConn Health Center, $7,394, 7/09-6/10

Huang, H., Mechanical Engineering
Multiscale Simulation of Thermo-Mechanical Processes in Irradiated Fission-Reactor Materials
DOE/Department of Energy/University of Florida, $63,939, 9/09-4/10

Ilies, H., Mechanical Engineering
Development of a Gesture-Based Virtual Reality System for Research in Virtual Worlds (MRI)
NSF/MPS, $782,039, 7/09-6/12

Kotha, S., Mechanical Engineering
Device for Tooth Cleaning in Special Needs and Older Populations
PHS/NIH/National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, $240,896, 9/09-8/10

Li, Y., Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
New England Invasive Plant Center
USDA/CSREES, $276,120, 8/09-7/11

Loturco, J., Physiology & Neurobiology
Project 1-Multi-Functional Studies of Candidate Dyslexia Susceptibility Genes in the Rat
PHS/NIH/National Institute of Child Health & Human Development/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, $1,613,614, 9/09-6/14

Lownes, N., Civil & Environmental Engineering
Design and Feasibility Study: Connecticut Transportation Planning Data Phase II
DOT/Federal Highway Administration/CT Department of Transportation, $63,003, 10/09-9/10

Malley, C., Extension
Birth to Five News Newsletters
PHS/National Institutes of Health/Connecticut Department of Education, $30,540, 10/09-9/11

McBrearty, S., Anthropology
Middle Pleistocene Human Behavioral Adaptations in the Kapthurin Formation, Kenya
NSF/National Science Foundation/NSF/SBE, $290,945, 10/09-9/12

Olins, R., School of Social Work Office of Dean
Master’s Certificate Program
Connecticut Department of Children and Families, $40,133, 7/09-6/10

Ricard, R., Extension
Reference Guide of Connecticut’s Tree Laws and Regulations
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, $21,000, 7/09-6/10

Russell, A., Computer Science & Engineering
Quantum Algorithms on the Algebraic Frontier
DOD/Army Research Laboratory/University of California at Santa Barbara, $47,854, 9/09-5/12

Schlesselman, L., Pharmacy Practice
Curriculum Development and Assessment for Pharmacy Professional Degree Program for Future University, Egypt
Future University, $446,000, 10/09-9/13

Silva, H., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Fundamentals & Applications of Thermoelectric Transport in Nanometer Scale Phase-Change Bridge Memory Devices
NSF/ENG, $302,079, 9/09-8/12

Simonsen, W., Public Policy
Internship Professional Practice Program
Travelers, $22,785, 8/09-7/10

Singh, P., Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
Advanced Materials for Micro Generators
DOD/Navy/Office of Naval Research/D-Star Engineering Corp., $24,344, 7/09-10/09

Strausbaugh, L., Molecular & Cell Biology
Exploring the Genetic Diversity of Bacterial Populations in Soil for Forensic Applications
DOJ/Department of Justice, $20,000, 9/09-8/10

Sun, W., Mechanical Engineering
Biomechanical Study to Host Tissue-Implant Interactions in Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacements
Connecticut Department of Public Health, $290,304, 7/09-2/11

Valiquette, E., Extension
Danbury 4-H Afterschool Program
Danbury Public Schools, Danbury, Conn., $24,500, 10/09-6/10

Weaver, S., Human Development/Family Studies Instruction & Research
HDFS College Career Pathways Program
ED/Department of Education/Connecticut Department of Education, $50,000, 7/09-6/10

Welch, M., Extension
Connecticut: Operation Military Kids
USDA/CSREES/Kansas State University, $100,000, 11/09-9/10

Worthley, T., Extension
Comprehensive Landowner Outreach, Education and Forest Management Demonstration
USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service, $39,800, 10/09-9/10

Zangari, R., Technology Incubation Program
Technology Incubation Program
Small Business Administration, $311,387, 9/09-9/10

Zangari, R., Technology Incubation Program
Avery Point Technology Incubation Center II
Small Business Administration, $292,329, 9/09-9/11