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Long COVID word cloud on a white background.

Clearly Defining ‘Long COVID’

UConn Health Disparities Institute Director Linda Sprague Martinez contributes to consensus definition

An older woman eats a meager meal alone.

Gray Divorce Puts Women at Greater Risk of Food Insecurity

American women who divorce after 50 have an increased likelihood of experience food insecurity, according to new UConn research

Feel Your Best Self puppets Nico, CJ, and Mena

Feel Your Best Self Wins Telly Award for the Second Straight Year

The educational online toolkit that helps children cope with big emotions won a silver award in the Education and Training – Online category

Milk pour into a mason jar

Bird Flu and Milk: What You Need to Know from UConn Dairy Safety Expert Dennis D’Amico

While cases have not been detected in Connecticut yet, D'Amico answers common questions about the safety of milk products

The UConn Health Pulse Podcast logo.

Podcast: BEFAST to Save Brain From Stroke

3 experts from UConn Health's Stroke Center on recognizing, reacting to, treating, and recovering from stroke

Kumbar Team

Revolutionizing Nerve Damage Treatment

For UConn Professor Sangamesh Kumbar, peripheral nerve regeneration could hold the key to a new future in injury treatment and pain management.

A gloved hand holds a test tub marked with the characters H5N1, for avian flu, in front of a rooster.

Early Take on Bird Flu

While we learn more, UConn Health’s Dr. David Banach considers general public health risk low, for now

Entrance to the Emergency Department at UConn Health.

Emergency Room Visits for Self-Harm Skyrocket

Between 2011 and 2020, an increase of nearly 19%

Portrait of Dr. Hetal Patel and Emmett Sullivan in pharmacy reception area

Improving Equity by Improving Access

Dispensary of Hope at UConn Health Pharmacy makes prescription drugs more attainable

Nancy Kirkiles-Smith ’85 (CLAS) ’96 (CAHNR)

CAHNR Alum Nancy Kirkiles-Smith Rediscovers Passion for Nutrition with Weekend Kitchen

Combining her knowledge of immunology and nutrition, Nancy Kirkiles-Smith helps people see that living by the adage "you are what you eat" can also be a lot of fun