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Two puppet characters discuss a paper sack filled with bananas in front of a colorful painted kitchen background in this video still from Feel Your Best Self's "Be a Kind Helper."

Pioneering Puppet Project ‘Feel Your Best Self’ Coming to More Screens Near You

The celebrated program, which uses puppets to help kids and their caregivers explore emotion-coping strategies with a free toolkit, has extended a license to New York's THIRTEEN public broadcasting channel

Leila Daneshmandi and Armin Rad point at images on a computer screen in the Encapsulate lab in Farmington.

The Making of a UConn Startup

How “Encapsulate” co-founders went from the classroom to curing cancer in less than four years

A candle burning against a dark background

What if Health Insurance Covered Mindfulness?

A $3.1 million NIH grant supports Professor Blair T. Johnson and collaborators from Brown University in analyzing the effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) interventions

Green seedlings, covered in dew, grow out of wet soil.

Field Research: How the Humble Protist Could Shore Up the World’s Food Supply

Researchers are looking to license protist tech as a fertilizing aid of the future

An orthodontic model of teeth with braces

Using AI Algorithms to Streamline Orthodontic Care

Brace yourself for the future of AI-assisted diagnosis

A young girl in a pink sweatshirt reads a book.

Public Health Insurance for Parents Improves Children’s Reading Skills, UConn HDFS Study Finds

Assistant professor Caitlin Lombardi and her collaborators found that children whose parents became newly eligible for Medicaid coverage under the ACA demonstrated approximately 2.3% higher reading scores

Fernando Betancourt and Fiona Vernal smile in front of exhibit posters.

EPOCH Shares Community Histories, From Connecticut to Côte d’Ivoire

Now officially in partnership with Connecticut Humanities, EPOCH will be working with towns across the state – beginning with Bloomfield, Windsor, and Enfield – to collect their own community histories

The Dodd Center for Human Rights.

Dodd Impact Team Seeks ‘A More Perfect Union’ Through Community Conversation

History professor Brendan Kane and other UConn experts hosted statewide discussions on the nation’s founding documents, funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Connecticut Humanities Council

White pharmaceutical pills spilling from prescription bottle over American map. (Stuart Richie/iStock/Getty Images)

Patients’ Lived Experience Shapes Research for Young Adult Opioid Use Recovery

The Collaborative Hub for Emerging Adult Recovery Research (CHEARR) -- an NIH-funded project spearheaded by UConn Health’s Dr. Kristyn Zajac -- will unite patients, providers, and researchers to better support young people recovering from opioid use disorder

Camping tents

A Self-Cooling Tent that Runs on Just Water and Sunshine

An invention from UConn researcher Al Kasani makes camping in hot weather a breeze.