Brave Space

Through a series of frank conversations with members of the University community, Brave Space seeks to amplify UConn’s diverse voices, holding space for the myriad issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These interviews provide a platform for honesty and presence, inviting diverse perspectives on how UConn and our society can do the work of becoming a truly welcoming environment not just on paper, but in practice.

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Heard Here: UConn 360

UConn 360 is a biweekly podcast series that aims to provide glimpses into the University of Connecticut from every conceivable angle: research, teaching, student life, history, athletics, and whatever else is unique and compelling. This series spotlights some of the best pieces drawn from more than a year of UConn 360’s existence, offering insightful, in-depth, and quirky (in a good way) coverage of Connecticut’s Top 25 public research university.

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Meet the Researcher

Research isn’t just about lab coats and science experiments. UConn researchers advance our understanding of fields of study as diverse as literature, environmental sciences, cybersecurity, health behaviors, and more. Learn more about the path that led some student and faculty researchers to their areas of expertise, and how their research leads to discoveries that impact scholarship, the economy, and our society.

Climate Change in Our Backyard

Climate Change in Our Backyard

When you think of climate change, what comes to mind? Rather than drawing upon images of far-flung regions, just look out your window and you will likely see something resulting from our changing climate. This series aims to draw your attention to some of the rapid transitions happening locally, and explore the many ways UConn students and researchers are investigating and responding to environmental trends around us.

UConn Science in Seconds

Science in Seconds

Got a minute? Take a look at the latest research happening at UConn..

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UConn's Climate Change Research

How will climate change alter bird migration patterns and the spread of invasive plants? How will residents of cities and coastal communities around the world need to adapt? UConn’s faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduates are tackling these and other questions in labs and in the field every day. The answers may not halt the changes, but with each study, UConn’s researchers are amassing knowledge that will lead to greater understanding.

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Adding Life to Your Years

The latest headlines on aging often point to the declines associated with aging and the many claims to “reverse,” “halt,” or “prevent” them. Stories about 100-year-olds marking birthdays have been replaced by those about centenarians running marathons. Is that what healthy aging looks like – accomplishing the same physical tasks you were able to achieve as a youth? Can we also stall some of aging’s effects on the mind? As the Baby Boomer generation ages, it’s no surprise that more efforts are being focused on understanding issues related to later life, and many UConn researchers are tackling the important issues surrounding healthy aging. Read this ongoing series about their inquiries.

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Heart Health

From cutting-edge research to the finest patient care, UConn is making a difference in the lives of people with heart disease and those at risk.

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Look to the Future: UConn Hartford

In August 2017, as part of the Next Generation Connecticut initiative, the operations of UConn’s West Hartford campus will move to downtown Hartford. The site, anchored by the former Hartford Times building, will become a neighborhood campus fully intertwined with nearby cultural institutions and state and city government offices.

Student Summer Internships - Hannah Casey interning (internship) at the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant's Environmental Lab

Experience Summer

UConn students across all disciplines take advantage of summer internships to gain valuable experience in their fields.

Patient Perspective Series

Patient Perspective

Each day the patient is at the center of everything we do at UConn Health, Connecticut’s only academic medical center. Learn first-hand through our patient’s eyes and words about their extraordinary medical journeys.

Pain Through the Ages. (Christa Tubach/UConn Image)

Pain Through the Ages

A group of UConn researchers would like to eliminate pain. That’s why the School of Nursing, in collaboration with UConn Health and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, has formed the new Center for Advancement in Managing Pain. Working together, individuals in fields as diverse as nursing, genetics, gerontology, pharmacology, kinesiology, and pediatrics are focused on finding answers. Their goal? Helping people of all ages return to healthy lifestyles … pain free.

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UConn’s fMRI scanner has enabled a flurry of research activity among faculty who are exploring the science behind perception, cognition, language, communication, and the intricate workings of the brain. The non-invasive, radiation-free technology shows how the brain’s blood flow and oxygen change in particular areas in response to certain stimuli.

UConn Bucket List

One quintessential UConn activity to complete every month.

Tipping the Scales on Obesity

In January, UConn experts on obesity, nutrition, public policy, psychology, agriculture, and economics will be joined by faculty from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, to conduct and collaborate on research that addresses the nationwide problem of obesity.

Student-Athlete Strong

Bringing the competitive edge acquired on the field into the classroom.


UConn students are poised to become future leaders in virtually every field. Our pursuit of excellence here at UConn is evident in the stories of Huskies who are unleashing their potential.