Heart Health

From cutting-edge research to the finest patient care, UConn is making a difference in the lives of people with heart disease and those at risk.

Calhoun Cardiology Center Goes Red

UConn Health Goes Red

National Wear Red Day was marked on February 2, 2024, during American Heart Month.

A colorful and healthy assortment of fruits and vegetables arranged in the shape of a heart

Keep Your Daily Diet and Kitchen Heart Healthy!

February is American Heart Month. The experts at UConn Health want to help you learn how to eat and cook heart healthy all year round.

Gold Level Heart Attack Care Honors for 8 Consecutive Years

The American Heart Association's Mission: Lifeline® – ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) heart attack care STEMI Receiving Center – Gold award has been awarded to UConn Health and its John Dempsey Hospital for the eighth year in a row.

Fixing a Stroke Causing Heart Hole

Twenty-five percent of us have a small opening in our heart between the left and right atrium called a PFO. While most of us will never know we have a PFO, some find out after a stroke. See how doctors at UConn Health are helping a young stroke survivor born with a PFO prevent a future stroke.

Older Adults: Beware of Aortic Stenosis

As we age our heart’s aortic valve can narrow leading to aortic stenosis. Find out more about the warning signs of this condition that is common in those over the age of 65.

Prevent Heart Disease One Step and Spoonful at a Time

February is American Heart Month. Learn from UConn Health's Calhoun Cardiology Center how best to take action to prevent heart disease this month and beyond.

UConn Health Cardiologist: ‘Everyone’ Needs to Know Their Cholesterol

Lipid panels, calcium scores, and more tools to stay on top of your health

40-Year-Old Father’s Life and Livelihood Saved by UConn Health Cath Lab

Fred Veilleux, 40, of East Hartford is a father of three children and the picture of strength. Learn how UConn Health's Calhoun Cardiology Center got him quickly back to his family and also back to work lifting 3,000 lbs. a day.

Heart Health Remains Paramount Concern for Women, Even During Pandemic

Delaying health care over fears of the COVID-19 virus can have potentially deadly consequences

Veteran Saves Fellow Veteran from Deadly Heart Attack

A heartwarming Memorial Day story of an Army Veteran turned paramedic saving another Army Veteran's life from the most dangerous type of heart attack.