Research & Discovery

Aerial image of the University of Connecticut during Fall 2023.

UConn’s Growing Research Strength Reflected in HERD Survey Rankings

Influential survey lists institutions according to research expenditures

Novel Probiotic Application Method Shows Promise as Egg-cellent Growth Promoter for Chickens

Mary Anne Amalaradjou has patented a novel method of spraying eggs with a probiotic before they hatch

Avery Point coast

Research Offers Insight into How Mercury Enters the Food Web

Dissolved organic matter acts like a 'shield' at the base of the marine food web

Microalgae for Poultry Nutrition: UConn Researchers Receive NSF Future Manufacturing Grant

Researchers from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and the College of Engineering have received an NSF Grant to develop a sustainable, organic method for producing an essential amino acid for poultry feed

3-D rendering of human cells in a blue background.

Researchers Explain How Bacterial Products Get Inside Human Cells

The discovery may explain a mechanism by which bacteria can affect our health

Probes Team

UConn Startup Earns Small Business Grant to Commercialize Voltage-Sensitive Dyes

A team of UConn Health researchers has received a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to commercialize their voltage-sensitive dyes

A group of seven people uses garden tools to make a clearing for rain garden installation on school grounds.

Extension Educators Launch School-Based Green Infrastructure Initiative

Supported by a $100,000 grant from the EPA, the program will partner with two CT school districts and three sustainable development organizations to bring hands-on projects to students and teachers

A great blue heron predating on a brown trout at a cold-water thermal refuge.

Thermal Refuges Help Trout Beat the Heat in Hot Weather

New research explores how cold-water fish handle extreme heat in Connecticut

Researchers Improve Efficacy and Efficiency of CRISPR Diagnostic Technology

By leveraging a unique, competitive reaction between two different crRNAs, researchers simplify CRISPR technology, making it a more effective tool for sensitive nucleic acid detection

Two offshore workers on the top of an offshore wind turbine.

UConn Receives Department of Energy Grant Supporting Offshore Wind Grid Integration

Project is part of a national effort to improve grid reliability, optimize electricity infrastructure, and facilitate grid connection with renewable resources