Research & Discovery

A group of wildlife biologists put a tracking collar on a tranquilized bear.

Keeping Bears Wild

Graduate student Melissa Ruszczyk, a biologist with DEEP, is studying black bears’ behavior in relation to food sources left by humans

Jet landing.

Meeting the High-Speed Challenge

The Air Force Research Laboratory awarded UConn an additional $10.5 million for projects related to welding and advanced materials for high-temperature applications

Artificial Intelligence

Shining Light Makes Materials Magnetic at Room Temperature

In April, Engineering Professor Alexander Balatsky published his work applying AI to his theory of 'dynamic multiferroicity'

Closeup of a woman sleeping.

Researchers Look at Sleep Quality in Black and Hispanic Women of Childbearing Age

The research will serve as the foundation for future health promotion programs to address sleep quality

A woman wearing a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness meets with a physician.

UConn Professor to Study Impact of Social Factors on Accelerated Aging in Breast Cancer Survivors

Despite progress, a disproportionate burden of cancer continues for many people disadvantaged by social, political, and environmental systems

Smiling man

Advancing Approaches to Physical Therapy

From early mobilization to using neuroscience for physical rehabilitation, Daniele Piscitelli is helping patients and the field of physical therapy move forward

The melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet could contribute up to 21 meters of sea level rise. There are many questions about the dynamics of the region’s glacial history and an international team of researchers is working to answer those questions to help inform our future as the ice sheet melts.

Snapshot: Miles of Mud Yield Clues About Our Climate Future

'The program has contributed massively to our understanding of Earth's climate history'

Hemp plants in a greenhouse.

How Hemp Could Save Horticulture

and some of North America’s largest carbon-capturing ecosystems

Circuitry superimposed over electrical pylons.

UConn Leading Federally Backed Regional Initiative to Defend Electric Grid from Cyberattack

CyberCARED will take UConn’s cybersecurity research and development into a new domain

Danielle Filipiak and Grace D. Player

Two Neag School Researchers Honored with AERA Early Career Awards

Danielle Filipiak and Grace D. Player will receive the awards at the American Educational Research Association’s 2024 Annual Meeting