Research & Discovery

A young man holding a PrEP pill.

Study Finds Users Prefer Daily Oral PrEP Pill Despite New Options

Drugs that prevent HIV infection have evolved, but new UConn research shows the standard option is still top with patients

An active senior couple walks along a stone path on a sunny day while chatting.

Increasing Steps by 3,000 Per Day Can Lower Blood Pressure in Older Adults

'It’s exciting that a simple lifestyle intervention can be just as effective as structured exercise and some medications'

In the foreground, an older woman puts her arm around a young child as they walk together down a woodland trail. More children can be seen running and playing up ahead on the trail.

Trails and Active Living Program Expands Access to the Outdoors

A major initiative from UConn Extension, the UConn CT Trails Program is making it easier for wilderness explorers of all levels to hit the trails

Pamir Alpay, vice president for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, speaks during a reception to welcome a new cohort of companies to the Future Climate Venture Studio held at the Innovation Partnership Building

Future Climate Venture Studio Launches Second Cohort

Six startup companies partner with UConn and other collaborators to merge entrepreneurship with climate responsibility

Low angle shot of green butternuts growing on a tree.

The Butternut’s Big Reveal

UConn undergraduates collaborate to reveal the genetic secrets of endangered species

Group of lgbt people holding hands outside.

National LGBTQ+ Survey Finds Many Teens Out to Family, Hopeful for Future; Problem Areas Remain

'Despite the past two decades of unparalleled acceptance of gay marriage, the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ and advances in protecting LGBTQ+ rights, over the last couple of years that has been eroded'

Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo smiles at the camera, wearing a blazer, blouse, and glasses.

‘Talking About Staying’: Groundbreaking Study Tracks Retention Among Women, POC, LGBTQ Engineers

With a nearly $1 million grant from the NSF, Visiting Assistant Research Professor Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo is exploring the experiences of underrepresented students and professionals in engineering

Jaguar skull from UConn's Biodiversity Research Collections originally collected from Paraguay in the 1960s

UConn Biodiversity Research Collections Join an Effort to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

How jaguar skulls collected in the 1960s can help thwart wildlife poachers today

Green combine in corn field during harvest.

Heat Stress to Bring Big Changes to the US Corn Belt

'In the near term, drought-resistant crops are important, but when you look at the long term, we need heat-resistant crops'

Rearview of a businessman sitting at his desk using a laptop and going over paperwork while working alone in a large modern office

Labor Day Report: Less Occupational Disease; COVID-19 Still Dominates

UConn Health is out with its annual Labor Day 'Occupational Disease in Connecticut' report