Research & Discovery

Usama Sheikh in a laboratory.

Technology Entrepreneurship: Waste Not, Want Not

Innovative brothers create wastewater reprocessing system to help address their native country’s environmental crisis, conserving water and repurposing it for various applications

A plate of sugar kelp prepared for a meal.

Seaweed: The Superfood Frontier – Weighing the Many Benefits and Potential Risks

This overlooked food source has many benefits that can be fully realized with the help of safety regulations to reduce potential hazards

Reichgelt spotted this rock polygpody fern in Gay City State Park in Connecticut where a deciduous hardwood forest has overgrown the old waterworks. He says as evident from the graffiti, there's still quite a bit of human disturbance there, but the rock polypody seems to be ok with that, as long as it has the cover of the forest canopy.

City Fern, Country Fern: Citizen Science is Helping to Study Why Some Plants Love the City Life

If you want to create a diverse urban ecosystem, you want to include a diverse array of species because an ecosystem builds from the ground up

CT Governor Ned Lamont sits in front of US and Connecticut flags, being filmed for the documentary.

Upcoming Documentary to Showcase Connecticut’s Past, Present, and Future of Innovation

‘Innovation in Connecticut’ is a production of UConn’s Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Trees down after a storm, causing a power outage.

Bracing for Impact: UConn, Partners to Improve Grid Resistance

The Department of Energy is awarding two significant grants to UConn, UAlbany, and other partners as institutions lend strengths to enhancing efforts to safeguard communities in the Northeast

William Ouimet, associate professor of geography at UConn, and a team of students collect a soil core on Grannis Island in New Haven with a 24-foot-long pipe.

UConn Undergrad Digs Deep to Uncover Environmental History of a New Haven Archaeological Site

Research that requires skill, finesse, and a whole lot of muscle

A man in a labcoat smiles in front of a microscope, holding up his index finger.

Meet the Researcher: Elsio Wunder, CAHNR

Veterinary researcher Elsio Wunder embraces ‘One Health’ in his research on diseases that affect animals and humans

Quantum Seed Grants Are Funding Solutions to Real-World Problems

'We are realizing a faster pace of quantum innovation—and advancing our state’s role as a leader in quantum science and technology'

Hydrogen fuel cells - alternative and clean source of energy.

Tech Park Getting Fuel Cell Upgrade

FuelCell Energy providing units to power entire Innovative Partnership Building.

Graphene Atomic Structure Representation.

Seeking Higher Critical Temperatures for Superconductors

A paper recently published in Physical Review Letters details a mechanism that may help scientists develop superconductors that can perform at higher temperatures.