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The melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet could contribute up to 21 meters of sea level rise. There are many questions about the dynamics of the region’s glacial history and an international team of researchers is working to answer those questions to help inform our future as the ice sheet melts.

Snapshot: Miles of Mud Yield Clues About Our Climate Future

'The program has contributed massively to our understanding of Earth's climate history'

After an extensive collaborative effort and restoration process by UConn faculty, facilities staff, and students, Connecticut’s oldest planetarium will soon be back in action.

UConn’s Old Planetarium Gets a New Upgrade

UConn faculty, students, and facilities staff are working to reawaken Connecticut’s oldest planetarium

Neighborhood destruction caused by a tornado

UConn Researchers Closer to Near Real-Time Disaster Monitoring

Information that once could take weeks to gather now only takes four days with a new method

Jane Kelley-Sabatinos, Kristy Dahlstrom, Jennifer Griffin,and Staci Dupre, all staff at the office of undergraduate admissions, watch the solar eclipse from Horsebarn Hill

Eclipse Viewing Party Marks Another Event in UConn Physics History of Outreach

Monday's party at Horsebarn Hill is one of many ways UConn physicists bring their subject matter to the public

The image of a cicada rendered in high definition.

Cicadas Visualized as Never Before Thanks to Inventive Collaboration

UConn is now home to some of the most detailed visualizations of cicadas available

Yangchao Luo of the Department of Nutritional Sciences in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources works in a laboratory in the Advanced Technology Laboratory

An Environmentally Friendly Way to Turn Seafood Waste into Value-added Products

'We are hoping we can turn this trash into a treasure'

John Cooley, assistant professor-in-residence of ecology & evolutionary biology, poses with a jar of cicada specimens currently kept in UConn's Biodiversity Research Collections

Rediscovered Photos, an Unlabeled Jar Full of Cicadas, and an App

New data recently emerged that helps fill in some gaps in UConn’s long and ongoing legacy of studying these unique insects

Vibrant and healthy coral reef ecosystem in the crystal clear waters of Red Sea, Egypt

A New Tool to Skillfully Predict Marine Habitat Shifts

Accurate predictions become increasingly important in a changing climate to help build resilience for marine ecosystems

Open water ice formations

UConn Researchers Studying Multi-Year Arctic Sea Ice Before It Is Gone

'When you see something happening so fast, and know that we caused, it's a rude awakening'

One of UConn's hidden gems, Robert M. Thorson says the Stone Pavilion contains many beautiful stone specimens from across the country, and the massive slabs of bedrock surrounding the pavilion, tell a story of continuous geological change throughout history.

New Exhibition Asks: Are You Seeing Climate Change?

What will Connecticut look like in the year 2100?