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UConn Forestry crew hauling pine boards out of the forest

Homegrown Conservation Projects Underway, Courtesy of the UConn Forest

How a couple of fallen trees led to a dynamic opportunity for Connecticut students

Cannabis shoots in culture. UConn researchers are pioneering micropropagation techniques for cannabis.

One Step Closer to Efficient Cannabis Production

Bringing a technique that has been a boon to other plants to the budding cannabis industry

Ecologists are ‘Lichen’ a Surprising New Find on Campus

Next to a well-traveled walkway on the Storrs campus is a sight not seen in Connecticut since William Howard Taft was president: Golden-eye lichen

A cartoon showing a human pulling down a cloud labeled "CO2," illustrating the effort to improve carbon capture technology.

UConn Researchers Search for Scalable Carbon Capture Technology

Studying the promise of a technology that could help in the fight against climate change

Brood X cicadas in Virginia in 2004.

Here’s the Buzz: It’s Nearly Cicada Census Time

'There is something reassuring about cicadas'

Student working in the CVMDL on campus.

Dog Tests Positive for SARS-CoV-2, UConn Surveillance Finds

Over 100 dogs and cats have tested positive in the United States; this is the first domestic animal in Connecticut to test positive

Experiments with super-fast lasers show bubbles that form around atoms can speed up energy transfer.

UConn Researchers Find Bubbles Speed Up Energy Transfer

Findings that could help further understand how living tissue reacts to radiation exposure

Wilbur Cross on a fall day on Oct. 15, 2019.

UConn’s Nora Berrah Awarded a Blaise Pascal Chaire d’Excellence to Conduct Research in France

Previous winners of the honor include six Nobel laureates

UConn Anthropologist Alexia Smith posing in her lab.

For Ancient Farmers Facing Climate Change, More Grazing Meant More Resilience

How changing their lifestyle helped people in an ancient settlement adapt to a new reality

Cars submerged in Houston, Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. A number of factors, including race, influence how different cities respond to flooding, according to new research.

Research: Flood Risk Behavior is Driven by Local Water Conditions, but Shaped by Race

'Some cities just live with risk' as flooding increases