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President Joe Biden speaks during the dedication ceremony of The Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut main campus in Storrs on Oct. 15, 2021.

Biden Visit Emphasizes Intersection of Human Rights Scholarship, Activism, and Policy Making

The President of the United States visited Storrs for the dedication of The Dodd Center for Human Rights

Nucleus of Atom Nuclear explode ray radiation light science concept abstract blur background.

Working to Understand the Changing Flavors of Quarks

Up, charm, down, bottom, top, and strange - what does it all mean?

A Dungeness crab scuttling across a boardwalk. The life cycle of the Dungeness crab offers lessons on potential effects of climate change for other species.

Understanding How a Crab’s Complex Life Cycle Will Respond to Climate Change

Research with implications for species under stress from a warming planet

Mo giving a presentation at the Aspen Center for Physics in February 2020.

A Physics Ph.D. Student’s Step-By-Step Journey to Storrs and Distant Galaxies

Seeing far in the distance, even without a telescope

sunset on storrs campus

UConn Authors Exploring Just Sustainabilities

Linking social and environmental justice

A view of Horsebarn Hill at sunset. An abundance of outdoor resources exists at UConn.

Get Your Daily Dose of the Great Outdoors with NatureRx at UConn

A resource aimed at getting people outside and exploring the abundance of nature on our doorstep

UConn Among Sierra Club’s Top 10 “Cool Schools”

UConn has once again been rated among the nation’s greenest schools in Sierra Club’s annual “Cool Schools” rankings

A 3D rendering of the earth, seen from outer space. Confronting the challenges of climate change requires a 'whole-earth' approach, says UConn's Robert Thorson.

Rx for Humanity: Whole Earth Environmentalism

'We are producing rates of change faster than the Earth is used to experiencing, and that's a big problem'

Food Labels Leaving You Lost in the Supermarket? This Game Can Help

If you don't know your 'non-GMO' food from your 'organic,' this online activity is for you

Copepod (Zooplankton) are a group of small crustaceans found in the marine and freshwater habitat (Adobe Stock).

For Copepods, there is No Free Lunch when Coping with Climate Change

Challenges for this small marine animal have ripple effects through the whole food web and beyond