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The pandemic has forced scholars and researchers to improvise when planning conferences.

When Life Gives You Lemons … Hold a Virtual International Fish Conference

A scholarly conference with a more diverse group of participants and a smaller carbon footprint, 'thanks' to the pandemic

CIRCA scholars are working to help Connecticut policymakers and towns adapt best practices for climate resilience to the Nutmeg State.

Expanding Climate Resilience with Forward-Thinking Policy Initiatives

Looking to other states for best practices and adapting them for Connecticut's needs

Aiden Barry '19 (CAHNR), lead author of the study, in a drowning salt marsh on the Connecticut coast.

Learning How Salt Marsh Plants May Signal Carbon Capture Capacity

Learning how the composition of salt marshes can predict their ability to serve as reservoirs for carbon

A new method of calculating the flow of water through coastal areas like salt marshes can help residents and planners better prepare for sea level rise and major storms.

A Simple Simulation to Help Coastal Towns Plan for Rising Sea Levels

Knowing how water moves through coastal structures can yield important insights for residents and planners

A large tree limb fallen in a residential street, flanked by orange traffic cones.

People, Trees, and Power: Learning How to Strike a Balance and Keep the Lights On

Connecticut residents are broadly supportive of tree management practices, but good communication is essential

Secondary school students in PNG being tested on their language skills.

Decline in Languages Leads to Decline in Indigenous Biological Knowledge in Papua New Guinea

Fears of declining fluency among students in the most linguistically diverse place on earth

Two fishermen in Maine are sorting the fresh lobsters that they caught in to separate bins by size just before they sell them at market.

Gaining a Clearer Understanding of Ocean Acidification in the Northeast

Challenging conditions for familiar species like lobsters and scallops loom by mid-century

‘A Light at the End of This Long Tunnel’: A Rising Sophomore Reflects on a Year of Pandemic-era College

RJ Streater '24 says making connections with his fellow students and his professors helped him thrive during a year that no one could have planned for

An illustration that blends physics equations with a picture of a distant galaxy.

UConn Physicists Focus on a Law-Breaking Particle

Experiments with particles known as muons suggest forms of matter and energy that are not yet known to science

UConn's Peter Auster helped write a new UN report assessing the status of the world's oceans.

UN World Ocean Assessment: The Ocean is in Trouble, but We Still Have Time to Act (if We Want To)

A holistic look at the global ocean offers areas for further study and reasons for concern