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Equipment harvesting the invasive plants.

Plants As a Tool for Roadside Contaminant Removal

Not a silver bullet, but these common invasive species can help clean up roadside contaminants

Jaguar skull from UConn's Biodiversity Research Collections originally collected from Paraguay in the 1960s

UConn Biodiversity Research Collections Join an Effort to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

How jaguar skulls collected in the 1960s can help thwart wildlife poachers today

Green combine in corn field during harvest.

Heat Stress to Bring Big Changes to the US Corn Belt

'In the near term, drought-resistant crops are important, but when you look at the long term, we need heat-resistant crops'

Aerial top view of spring park landscape with green trees, lawns and footpath. Park is surrounded by with houses.

Where to Start? UConn Researchers Develop Holistic Tool to Help Plan Urban Vacant Lots

'We want to greenify those lands that have been disregarded and underestimated in the city setting'

SCFS fellow Maia Carpentino says she and the other fellows started the experience expecting to be teachers, but the students taught the fellows how to grow as academics and become better leaders.

Creating a More Just and Equitable Future, Together

The Sustainable Community Food System program combines sustainability, environmentalism, and social justice to teach Connecticut elementary school students about our world

Fiery throated hummingbird resting on a branch.

Tiny Robbers, Big Feet

Some hummingbirds resort to sneaky methods to get their fill of nectar

Huijie Gan, an assistant research professor in the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, holds a soil sample and sensor she used for a project to assess soil health amidst a collection of other soil samples

Filling the Holes in Our Knowledge about Soil Health

Absolutely key to life on earth, assessing soil has been a challenging task, something UConn researchers hope to remedy

Researchers have identified the most distant active supermassive black hole to date in the James Webb Space Telescope’s Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science (CEERS) Survey. The black hole, within galaxy CEERS 1019, existed just over 570 million years after the big bang and weighs only 9 million solar masses.

‘Hidden Little Monsters:’ Researchers Find the Most Distant, Active Black Holes Yet

'I think of it as a "chicken-or-egg" problem of which comes first, the black hole or the galaxy'

Artist’s interpretation of an array of pulsars being affected by gravitational ripples produced by a supermassive black hole binary in a distant galaxy.

UConn Researchers Making Advances in the Detection of Gravitational Wave Background

A project that aims to create a whole new way of looking at the universe

An e-bike stands on a suburban street.

Connecticut: Get Ready for CHEAPR e-bikes

A sustainable future needs sustainable transportation. Here, a CIRCA expert details an update to a program to us move toward that future