Julie (Stagis) Bartucca '10 (BUS, CLAS), '19 MBA

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Carol McKenzie, a UConn basketball fans, sits in a restaurant with her white husky hand puppet, Jonathan Jr.

UConn Magazine: The Superfans

There's school spirit, and then there's UConn Spirit

Tara Ludlow Hurt standing in a filing room with boxes.

UConn Magazine: Paper Work

As the university archivist at Eastern Connecticut State University, Tara Ludlow Hurt ’94 (CLAS) does the dirty work of rescuing centuries-old documents for posterity

A mother hugging her daughter who had been working as an ICU nurse with strictly COVID prone vented patients for 4–6 weeks straight.

UConn Magazine: Who Tells Our (Pandemic) Story

Too often history is written by the powerful. A UConn anthropologist made sure the story of COVID-19 was chronicled by the rest of us

Eunice Omega standing outside of the Pixar HQ

UConn Magazine: Seeking “Smart with Heart” at Pixar

Eunice Omega says the coolest thing about working at Pixar is the impact

Lynn Bloom, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of English, in her office.

UConn Magazine: Eat Your Words

English Professor Emerita Lynn Z. Bloom goes deep on recipes and shares her own, for the best blueberry pie

Amanda Yagan standing by an MRI machine with a laptop showing brain scans

UConn Magazine: Out of the Minds of Babes

Cute kids, brilliant scientists, and exciting trips bring joy for Amanda Yagan ’21 (CLAS) at the Advanced Baby Imaging Lab.

Frank Costigliola outside his barn on his farm.

UConn Magazine: Giants Among Us

The first lesson imparted by Frank Costigliola as we motor and meander around his 195-acre farm a few miles from campus in Storrs is his secret to balancing research, writing, teaching, and farming: a carefully calibrated system of napping.

Why Social Work is Political, and How it Matters for Democracy

Tanya Rhodes Smith of the School of Social Work talks about elections, health, and why policymakers should seek insight from social workers

UConn Magazine: Professor’s Pride

Poli sci professor Christine Sylvester catches up with former student Timothy Bussey, author of “Freedom to Serve: The Definitive Guide to LGBTQ Military Service.”

UConn Magazine: Our American Girls

What do you do with a history doctorate and a pop culture obsession? If you’re these two alums, you create a hit podcast centering on ’90s nostalgia.