UConn Magazine: The Superfans

There's school spirit, and then there's UConn Spirit

Carol McKenzie, a UConn basketball fans, sits in a restaurant with her white husky hand puppet, Jonathan Jr.

Carol McKenzie of Simsbury, along with JJ (Jonathan Jr), have been fixtures at UConn women's basketball games since 2002 (Peter Morenus / UConn Photo).

Husky devotees, especially those who rally around our men’s and women’s basketball teams, have been called “rabid,” “obnoxious as sh-t on social,” “one of the most knowledgeable and passionate fan bases out there,” “illogical [and] delusional” — and some of that comes from our own coaches. Among a seemingly endless tide of blue-bleeders, fans who cheer from around the world and those who show up game after game, season after season (even when we’re not looking so hot on the hardwood), there are some Husky Faithful who take their fandom to still another level.

These are the superfans, the fervent, the ones you recognize from the jumbotron and some you might remember from your first game back in ’92. There’s no NIL for these folks — they’re there on their own dime, rallying the crowd and buoying the team. And with 2024’s second consecutive men’s basketball national title and an unexpected women’s Final Four appearance, there’s no stopping them now.

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