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Screen shot of Zofia Baumann working with oysters in hopes to help restore Connecticut’s oyster populations.

Science in Seconds: Oyster Restoration

UConn Marine Science researcher Zofia Baumann has her eyes set on restoring Connecticut’s oyster populations

Maria de los Angeles Garcia serving food she cooked through the Commercially Licensed Co-operative Kitchen in Willimantic.

A Kitchen for the Community

UConn researchers are studying the importance of food and how to build more just, equitable, and sustainable communities by focusing on a unique facility called the Commercially Licensed Co-operative Kitchen or CLiCK.

graphic with a data stock photo and the title 'cryptocurrency' on top of it

Science in Seconds: Cryptocurrency

The existence of cryptocurrency may date to 2008, but many people still struggle to understand how it gets its value, why they should pay attention, and how to define it for the layman.

students working on building theatre sets in new production facility

A New Fine Arts Theatre Production Facility

The brand-new Theatre Production Facility will provide students and faculty with needed space to prepare high-tech productions

Dead bug with title of story across it

Confronting the ‘Insect Apocalypse’

A period of mass extinction threatens insects - and the humans and animals who depend on them

Aerial shot of Husky Athletic Village

A New Home for the Huskies

UConn athletes now call Husky Athletic Village and Rizza Performance Center home.

Hannah Bacon walking across the U.S.

Walking For Climate Action

After UConn grad Hannah Bacon ’15 (CLAS) lost her job at an environmental nonprofit due to the pandemic, she decided to use her time off to walk across the country to raise money and awareness for climate action.

Title of video on top of a photo of the galaxy

A Signal From Beyond

Looking for ripples in the fabric of spacetime.

Drone shot of tends around campus and people walking around

Not Your Typical Fall Semester

UConn's students, faculty, and staff are meeting the challenge of a semester no one could have expected.

Shelley Durocher, plant science and landscape architecture lab aide, tends to cannabis plants in a UConn greenhouse. (Thomas Rettig/UConn Photo)

A Growth Industry at UConn

UConn is leading the way in cannabis cultivation and research, helping growers meet increasing demand for medical uses and teaching students who will lead this new industry.