Research & Discovery

UConn Joins Elite Cohort of Economically Impactful Institutions

The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) honors UConn’s success as economic engine and innovation driver for the state and region.

Twenty-six pairs of human chromosomes are displayed on a karyotype chart, with the Y chromosome magnified to show the shape.

Solving for Y: Research Team Completes Long-Anticipated Genome Sequencing of Y Chromosome

Two breakthrough papers published today in Nature, featuring work from acclaimed UConn geneticist Rachel O’Neill and her lab, offer an in-depth analysis of the Y chromosome for the first time

Office of Naval Research Funds Grant to Investigate Seizure Prediction Technology

Ki Chon and his team have received grants from the Office of Naval Research to evaluate their EDA sensor's ability to predict seizures in underwater environments.

Fiery throated hummingbird resting on a branch.

Tiny Robbers, Big Feet

Some hummingbirds resort to sneaky methods to get their fill of nectar

Marie Coppola, wearing a blue scarf, necklace, and purple glasses, smiles at the camera.

Meet the Researcher: Marie Coppola, CLAS

Coppola’s language research with deaf people in Nicaragua sheds light on how linguistic structures and communities are formed

New Grant Marks Over 30 Years of Federal Research Training Support for the UConn School of Dental Medicine

The latest federal grant to support the T90/R90 research program is valued at $2.7 million over the next 5 years

Skin cells grown into nanofiber scaffold.

Bioengineers Test Better Way to Heal Chronic Wounds

'The dressing we developed enhances wound healing and prevents infections simultaneously'

A series of wind turbines in the ocean.

UConn, UAlbany Researchers Partner on New Climate Center to Support Weather Innovation and Energy Resilience

WISER aims to leverage the research and expertise at UConn and UAlbany to create advanced weather- and climate-based solutions for the energy industry, now and in the future

A young person with pink hair, wearing a pink blazer, smiles as she gestures to a poster behind her. Another student smiles at her.

Summer School

Seventy students spent 10 weeks immersed in the world of research and entrepreneurship. At Summer Research Day 2023, they got to show off

TIP Digital’s WaveAerospace Begins Pre-Orders for Its 4th Aircraft

WaveAerospace designs aircraft that can fly safely and reliably in extreme weather when other aircraft can’t fly. They have just launched their fourth commercial aircraft