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Jenna Bartley, a UConn researcher on aging and health, stands in a hallway at UConn Health, wearing a white lab coat.

Science in Seconds: Healthy Aging

Getting a broad picture of how aging affects the whole body, and how older adults can be healthier for longer

Difficult Choice – Positive Outcome for Pregnant Mom Battling Cancer

When Keri Sherman was diagnosed with colorectal cancer she was 17 weeks pregnant and was forced to make an extremely hard decision. Should she start cancer treatment right away and risk the health of the baby or wait and risk the cancer progressing to life-threatening stages? A multidisciplinary team of UConn Health providers helped guide […]

UConn Health Minute: Restoring Your Smile

The reasons to replace missing teeth go beyond just cosmetics. As UConn Health prosthodontist Shivani Suvarna explains, replacing teeth can prevent serious dental issues in the future and preserve basic functions such as eating and speaking.

UConn Health Minute: Better Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a chronic condition that can lead to brittle and broken bones for approximately half of women age 50 or older. Beata McAuliffe with the Center for Osteoporosis at UConn Health describes the lifestyle changes you can make that will help build bone and prevent devastating fractures.

UConn Health Minute: Hand Center

Your hands and wrists are critical in daily activity but also vulnerable to injury. Whether you suffer an acute injury or have a chronic condition, UConn Health’s Hand and Wrist Program offers expert care and innovative interventions.  

Accelerating Lab Results

The Core Lab in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UConn Health has an advanced automated track system called the Accelerator. It quickly and efficiently analyzes hundreds of specimens a day so doctors and patients get their lab results sooner.  

A father and daughter embrace after dancing at her wedding.

Simply the Best Feeling: UConn Health Enables Dad to Dance at Daughter’s Wedding

'It makes you feel good that you're really able to help'

Celebrating 50 Years: UConn Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine

It’s been 50 years since the UConn Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine were founded. The current deans reflect back on the history of the schools and how much has been accomplished over the last several decades in education, research, patient care, and service to the community.

A UConn Health mobile vaccine clinic in East Hartford.

UConn Health 2021 Milestones

As we approach the end of 2021, we review the milestones that challenged and inspired us throughout the year.

UConn Health Minute: Complex Spine Disorders

A complex spine disorder is a serious condition that can be painful and limit your daily activities. Because it’s more difficult to treat, UConn Health has assembled a collaborative, multidisciplinary team who can expertly handle all aspects of your care .