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UConn Health Minute: Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are more common than you might think. That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between a dental problem that can wait or an emergency that if left untreated can lead to more serious health issues. As Dr. Steven Ruiz tells us, the UConn School of Dental Medicine offers the largest emergency dental […]

UConn Health Minute: Hearing Aid Advice

Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic conditions as we age and is linked with increased risk for dementia and depression. Despite that, only one fifth of adults with hearing loss actually seek intervention. As UConn Health audiologist Hillary Marquis explains, hearing aids can keep you socially connected and improve quality of life. […]

Dr. Jaclyn Jaeger with a stethoscope on a patient

UConn Health Minute: Exercise and Aging Well

Moving the body is one of the best ways to age well – it can improve your health and quality of life. And as Dr. Jaclyn Olsen Jaeger with the UConn Center on Aging explains, several of the most serious chronic conditions in older adults can be prevented or managed with physical activity.

Two researchers in the lab working on 3D printing

Science in Seconds: Handheld 3D Bioprinters to Treat Musculoskeletal Injuries

The new technology will simplify the process and greatly reduce surgical time

UConn Health Minute: RSV Vaccine

RSV is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms but children and older adults may experience more serious symptoms and need to be hospitalized. As UConn Health’s head of infection prevention Dr. David Banach explains, there is now a vaccine available to help protect adults over 60 who may be more vulnerable […]

UConn Health Minute: Weight Loss Meds – Concerns for Older Adults

Diabetes medications that are also being used for weight loss are in high demand. But as UConn Health endocrinologist Parvathy Madhavan explains, there are some specific concerns you need to be aware of when using these meds – especially if you’re an older adult.

Thank You NICU!

Since its founding in 1975, the Connecticut Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UConn Health has cared for thousands of babies in the region. Erin McEwen is one of them. She was born more than two months premature and spent the first several weeks of her life in our NICU. Erin now works here as […]

Vanessa Scanlon, Ph.D. assistant professor in the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Skeletal Biology, works in the lab at UConn School of Medicine.

Science in Seconds: Banking on Blood

UConn Health researchers are working to reinforce the nation’s blood supply

UConn Health Minute: Urgent Care vs Emergency Department

In the heat of  the moment when you’re sick or have been injured, it can be hard to decide whether you should go to the emergency department or urgent care. Dr. Hynes Birmingham, medical director of UConn Health’s Urgent Care Centers, offers expert guidance to help you make the right choice.  

Bill Cateno riding an exercise bike under the direction of Dr. Moss.

Exercise Enthusiast Back at the Gym Following Successful Augmented Reality Spinal Surgery

Augmented reality spinal surgery – a minimally invasive procedure performed by UConn Health’s Dr. Isaac Moss – got him back to the gym with minimal pain and downtime.