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UConn Health Minute: Women and Heart Disease

Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year – more than all cancers combined. But as UConn Health cardiologist Supriya Tigadi explains, 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events can be prevented with education and action – which includes learning the risk factors and warning signs most prevalent for women.

Dr. Lakshmi Leishangthem: Focusing on More Than the Eye

Dr. Lakshmi Leishangthem sharpened her focus on neuro-ophthalmology after her father was diagnosed with a serious eye disease. His hard work, patience, and empathy has inspired her to excel at an especially challenging specialty that requires you to think outside the eye – and understand what is also happening in the brain.

Thank You UConn Health

As the year 2020 comes to a close, UConn Health leadership thanks all employees for their hard work, inspiring team spirit, and incredible response to the COVID-19 pandemic during this unforgettable year.

UConn Health Minute: Help for Holiday Blues

For some, the holidays are not always happy – and now the pandemic is adding to feelings of loneliness and anxiety. UConn Health’s Mood and Anxiety Clinic offers advice on how to help minimize the stress and sadness of the season.

Physician Profile: Dr. Zachary Maass

UConn Health’s Dr. Zachary Maass started playing golf when he was four years old and has been an avid fan ever since. Find out why he believes some of the same attributes that make him a good golfer also help him be a better sports medicine physician.

UConn Health Minute: Emphasizing Emphysema

Emphysema has not had a significant treatment breakthrough in a long time but now UConn Health is the first in the state to offer an innovative, minimally invasive valve implant to help patients breathe easier. As Dr. Omar Ibrahim tells us, the tiny valve device allows severe emphysema patients to be more active and have […]

UConn Health Minute: Understanding Brain Tumors

Cancerous or malignant, brain tumors tend to grow quickly and disrupt the way your body works, and this can be life-threatening. As UConn Health neuro-oncologist Dr. Kevin Becker explains, interdisciplinary collaboration and a patient-centered approach to care is key in identifying brain and spine tumors early and providing the most advanced treatments available.

UConn Health Minute: Foot and Ankle Injuries

The feet and ankles are the most frequently injured areas of the body. As orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lauren Geaney explains, the Foot and Ankle Program at UConn Health provides comprehensive diagnostic, surgical, and rehabilitative services for all sorts of conditions from accidents to arthritis.

UConn Health Minute: Cranial Nerve and Brainstem Disorder Program

Cranial nerve and brainstem disorders are complex and can be hard to diagnose. As Dr. Daniel Roberts explains, New England’s first Cranial Nerve and Brainstem Disorder Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts to streamline diagnosis and care for patients with such difficult conditions.

UConn Health Minute: Benign Breast Disease

When it comes to breast health – cancer is not the only concern. Many women suffer from benign breast diseases that can cause discomfort or pain and need treatment. Some of these conditions can increase the risk of breast cancer and need to be closely monitored. UConn Health has a unique specialist, Ob/Gyn Dr. Dana […]