Jaclyn Severance

Jaclyn (Falkowski) Severance has worked in communications and public relations in the state of Connecticut for more than a decade. She served as the director of communications and primary spokesperson for the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General before joining University Communications. She also previously served as the communications director for the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, as a press secretary for the Connecticut General Assembly’s Senate Democratic Caucus, and as the associate editor of Connecticut Lawyer magazine. A Connecticut native, Jaclyn earned a degree in communications, emphasizing in journalism, from the University of Hartford and interned as a staff writer with the Hartford Courant. She and her husband and son live on a small, family farm in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner where they raise cashmere goats. Her beat includes human rights, entrepreneurship and innovation, social work, behavioral sciences, and campus life.

Author Archive

Students working materials found in the Dodd Papers, which are maintained by the UConn Library’s Archives and Special Collections.

Student Film Presents Story of Nuremberg through UConn Archives

Seeing the landmark trials through the eyes of U.S. prosecutor Thomas Dodd

The Dodd Center for Human Rights.

Dodd Impact Programs, Neag School to Host U.S. Education Secretary for Discussion about Importance of Civics and Human Rights Education

'These workshops are an opportunity for future educators to develop a better understanding of how civics and human rights can be a part of any subject area and any grade level'

Raina Jain is blending science and entrepreneurship to make the world a better place.

UConn Magazine: Bee Good

'Raina is different. She has the eye of the tiger, she has the thing you cannot teach, so you just try to support it'

A new study examines the unanticipated reduction in suicide risk among parentally bereaved youth when their surviving parent or caregiver participates in an evidence-based program intended to provide general grief support.

UConn Study: Improved Parenting Reduced Youth Suicide Risk by Combating Negative Self-Views in Bereaved Children

'We call this an upstream suicide prevention – by focusing on parenting and children’s coping upstream, early in their development, then later in their life the suicide risk is reduced'

Werth Institute

The Real World Experience of the Stamford Startup Studio

'They're learning about politics. They're learning about the inner workings of Stamford. And then they're also learning their technical skills'

UConn Magazine: Rise Up

Breaking bread is about more than just eating

Sophomore Allie Davenport's StarMind company focuses on mental health.

Starfish and Small Wins: UConn Sophomore Launches Brand Focused on Mental Health, Self-Development

'To me, success means helping others shift their mindsets to focus on daily, often overlooked, accomplishments and progress'

Federal legislation has the potential to drastically and positively impact infants exposed to drugs and alcohol.

With Proposed Reauthorization of Federal Child Abuse Legislation, Researchers Make the Case to Better Help Substance-exposed Infants

Legislation could prove a major help to families, but much depends on implementation

Former Senator Chris Dodd, with the bust of his father at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center on Sept. 24, 2021.

The Enduring Human Rights Legacy of Christopher Dodd

'Our humanity, in many ways, is defined by how we treat the most vulnerable, and not just elsewhere, but in our own country'

Conquering a Curse: A Student’s UConn Success Story – that Almost Wasn’t

'Every day I’d wake up and be like, is this one step closer to not being able to finish?'