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War in Ukraine Reaches Two Year Mark

The “ДЕТИ: Where are you?" Project and new song of UConn Health’s Dr. Leo Wolansky to heighten awareness of the plight of Ukraine’s children.

UConn Health campus on January 8, 2024, captured by drone. (Ethan Giorgetti/UConn Health Photo).

Gov. Lamont Launches Pilot Program at UConn Health Using Innovative Technology to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Deliver Substantial Energy Cost Savings

Newest energy solution deployed at UConn Health’s Child Care Center building in pilot funded by Connecticut Innovations.

Keep Beat with Your Heart Health and Your Family’s Cardiovascular Health History

An annual checkup can help identify irregular heartbeat conditions including the most common arrhythmia we can develop as we age called atrial fibrillation.

Maureen Marchetti, and her husband Jim, on Jan. 25 with her UConn Health Vascular Surgeon Dr. Justin D’Addario celebrating her big day of being the first in New England to undergo the DETOUR procedure for severe PAD (UConn Health Photo/Carolyn Pennington).

UConn’s Vascular Surgeons Take DETOUR to Save Woman’s Toes, Foot, and Leg from Peripheral Arterial Disease

Maureen Marchetti was the first patient in New England to be offered an alternative to major open leg artery bypass surgery with a new technology called DETOUR

This little Husky is enjoying sleeping on his back in his new UConn Health gifted sleep sack. Francis Scott Moriarty was born at UConn John Dempsey Hospital on January 3, 2024. He was 6 lbs., 12 oz., and 19.5 inches long. (Photo by Mom).

UConn Health Gifting Safe Sleep to its Newborns

Each baby born at UConn John Dempsey Hospital is being gifted safe sleep with a UConn Health embroidered sleep sack.

Calhoun Cardiology Center Goes Red

UConn Health Goes Red

National Wear Red Day was marked on February 2, 2024, during American Heart Month.

A colorful and healthy assortment of fruits and vegetables arranged in the shape of a heart

Keep Your Daily Diet and Kitchen Heart Healthy!

February is American Heart Month. The experts at UConn Health want to help you learn how to eat and cook heart healthy all year round.

Anne Horbatuck, RN (UConn Health Photo/Tina Encarnacion).

Leadership: We Are All Leaders at UConn Health

Anne Horbatuck, RN, Chief Operating Officer for the UConn Medical Group at UConn Health, is highlighted as an exemplar leader. We’ve asked her to share her insight and experiences gathered from the last four decades with us here at UConn Health, the state’s only public academic health system.

Dustin Walters, MD, Section Chief for Thoracic Surgery in the Department of Surgery at UConn Health (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health Photo).

UConn Health Recruits Leader of Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Dustin Walters has been recruited to the Department of Surgery at UConn Health to launch a new program for thoracic surgical care and to grow it to world-class program heights.

Excellence Awarded at UConn John Dempsey Hospital

UConn John Dempsey Hospital (JDH) has awarded its 2024 Annual Awards of Excellence including a new first Annual Community Outreach Award.