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Trio of Life-Saving Finds for Complex Medical Patient

If you were to ask any of Mike Calabrese’s doctors, they would agree he has a pretty complex medical case. He credits the doctors at UConn Health for saving his life on three different occasions and most recently fixing an injury to his knee.

Calling on Latina Women to Spread Awareness of Mammograms

The Cancer Center Breast Program at the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center at UConn Health is working to help Latina women through a peer group program to encourage early detection through annual screening.

Pepper Center Study to Help Seniors Avoid Financial Fraud and Prolong their Autonomy and Independence

Dr. Kevin Manning is accepting participants for a study to better understand financial decision making in older adults in order to help seniors avoid fraud. The ultimate goal is to be able to prolong older adults’ autonomy and independence.

Patient and Family Grateful for the Care Received at UConn Health that Saved Her Life

Last Thanksgiving Eve, Judy Krafcik was in the Emergency Department at UConn John Dempsey Hospital and her health situation was dire. She credits the staff at UConn Health for keeping her alive so she can make the turkey this Thanksgiving.

UConn Health Plans for Tomorrow with Clinical Trials Today for Better Treatment of Lung Cancer

Pat Davis, a Hospital Emergency Operator at UConn Health, credits Dr. Omar Ibrahim for saving her life when she was diagnosed and treated for lung cancer. She is now six years cancer free and her motto is "Just Say Yes to Life."

Fourth Consecutive “A” Hospital Safety Grade for UConn John Dempsey Hospital

The National Leapfrog Group announces UConn John Dempsey Hospital’s fourth consecutive “A” Hospital Safety Grade. This national distinction celebrates achievements in protecting hospital patients from preventable harm and errors.

Medical Students Leading Caregivers through Alzheimer’s Disease with a new Caregiver Support Group

During Alzheimer's Awareness Month and National Family Caregiver month we learn about a new support group at UConn Center on Aging for caregivers of Alzheimer's and related dementia lead by our medical students.

Dr. Ted Rosenkrantz Awarded the 2022 Alicia’s Angels ‘Angel Award’

“Dr. Rosenkrantz’s career is beyond inspirational to me. I have tremendous respect of him as a physician and as a person," Jona Sager, founder and chair of the board of Alicia’s Angels, Inc.

Patient Credits UConn Health for Saving Her from Breast Cancer and then Giving Her Life Back with New Technology

From diagnosing, treating and curing her breast cancer, to giving her back her self-esteem with a new type of breast prosthetic created with her in mind, Jan Figueroa credits UConn Health for saving her life and giving it back to her.

Aging, Frailty, and our Microbiomes: UConn Health/JAX Study Findings in Nature Aging

Study shows our microbiomes—the trillions of microbes that live on and within us—play central roles in our health and susceptibility to different diseases. And as we age, our microbiomes change too, with important health implications over time.