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Avid Athlete Sidelined for Year- Ready to Return to Activity

Natasha Roggi had a skiing accident that required surgery to her knee and shoulder. She credits Dr. Katherine Coyner and Dr. Allison Schafer for moving her forward in healing and getting back to her active lifestyle.

Menopause Demystified

During Women’s Health month we spoke with Dr. Maryanne McDonnell, OB/GYN at UConn Health to shed some light on the topic of Menopause.

Geriatric Care Program Now Available for Cancer Patients at UConn Health

The Geriatric Oncology Co-Management Program was created at UConn Health’s Carol and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center in conjunction with the UConn Center on Aging creating a unique program that only a minority of community oncology practices in the U.S. provide access to geriatric specialty care

UConn Health Using AI for Early Identification of Lung Cancer

UConn Health has implemented an Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) system to assist with the identification, management, and treatment of patients with lung cancer.

Dr. Nicole Gavin sits with her patients, mom Shana Suarez and baby daughter Dallas.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with a Miracle Baby

Shana Suarez was blessed with a miracle baby after years of trying. A life-threatening condition becoming more common in mothers brought her to the Maternal Fetal Medicine team at UConn Health

First in Connecticut: Ischemic Stroke Survivors Have Renewed Hope with the Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device Now Available at UConn Health

Dr. Christopher Connor, neurosurgeon at UConn Health’s Brain and Spine Institute was the first to use the MicroTransponder®, Inc.’s Vivistim® Paired VNS™ System, an FDA-approved, breakthrough technology for stroke survivors experiencing ongoing hand and arm impairment

Miracle Outcome for Patient’s Life-Threatening Stroke

The multidisciplinary team at UConn Health has great expertise in the microsurgical management of aneurysms and endovascular management, which saved the life of Christine Skelly from a life-threatening emergency.

Deep Brain Stimulation Changing the Quality of Life for those with Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Christopher Conner is now performing deep brain stimulation to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease at UConn Health.

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Available at UConn Health

UConn Health now offers lecanemab, a breakthrough monoclonal antibody for patients with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease.

UConn Health’s Culture of Safety Where We Put the Patient First

Safety is the Word of the Month for April and Dr. Scott Allen, Chief Medical Officer leads that charge and shares his journey at UConn Health and what safety means to him.