Meet the Researcher

Research isn’t just about lab coats and science experiments. UConn researchers advance our understanding of fields of study as diverse as literature, environmental sciences, cybersecurity, health behaviors, and more. Learn more about the path that led some student and faculty researchers to their areas of expertise, and how their research leads to discoveries that impact scholarship, the economy, and our society.

Meet the Researcher Mingyu Qiao, Nutritional Sciences

Mingyu Qiao, an accomplished researcher and entrepreneur, joins the Department of Nutritional Sciences as an assistant professor of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Manije Darooghegi Mofrad smiles in a lab while pipetting

Meet the Researcher: Manije Darooghegi Mofrad, CAHNR

Darooghegi Mofrad, a prolific nutritional epidemiologist from Iran, explores dietary strategies to help people to reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases

Giselle Malloy

Meet the Undergraduate Researcher: Giselle Malloy, CAHNR

Giselle Malloy '23 has a passion for environmental justice that has led to intriguing undergraduate research opportunities in water stewardship. This profile is part of a series for UConn's Month of Discovery.

Two researchers in lab gear conducting an experiment

Meet the Researcher: Raman Bahal, School of Pharmacy 

Professor Raman Bahal, a leading researcher and innovator in gene-targeting therapies, takes an interdisciplinary approach to his work

Meet the Researcher: Joel Pachter, UConn Health

Dr. Joel Pachter, professor of immunology, has always been fascinated by the central nervous system. His current research focuses on uncovering how this system plays a role in neuroinflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Meet the Researcher: Linda Pescatello, CAHNR

Pescatello’s career as a kinesiology researcher grew out of an enduring desire to learn coupled with her lifelong passion for physical activity and biology

Meet the Researcher: Jacqueline Chen, CLAS

Jacqueline Chen, assistant professor of social psychology, is interested in the experiences of Multiracial people and developing inclusive mentorship strategies

Meet the Researcher: Joseph Vazquez, CLAS

Joseph Vazquez is committed to conducting research that has a positive impact on the communities he works with.

Meet the Researcher: Shenelle Shaw, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate researcher Shenelle Shaw is investigating how an enzyme may have a bigger role in seizure activity than scientists had assumed.

Meet the Researcher: Glenn Mitoma, Neag School of Education, Human Rights Institute

Glenn Mitoma has spent his career studying human rights and helping others understand how they can realize them in their communities