Meet the Researcher

Research isn’t just about lab coats and science experiments. UConn researchers advance our understanding of fields of study as diverse as literature, environmental sciences, cybersecurity, health behaviors, and more. Learn more about the path that led some student and faculty researchers to their areas of expertise, and how their research leads to discoveries that impact scholarship, the economy, and our society.

Dr. Gus Mazzocca in his scrubs, in a UConn Health operating room.

Meet the Researcher: Gus Mazzocca, School of Medicine

Mazzocca has spent his career working to improve patient outcomes in orthopedics

Meet the Researcher: Sita Nyame, School of Engineering, Eversource Energy Center

Nyame has developed an enduring interest for studying natural hazards and developing technology to help people who experience them through her work with the Eversource Energy Center

Meet the Researcher: Jayesh Kamath, School of Medicine

Jayesh Kamath is bringing psychiatry into the mobile tech era by using mHealth technologies to support patients with depression

Meet the Researcher: Caitlin Caspi, College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources

Caspi champions collaboration as the key to her success in researching food security and diet-related health outcomes.

White male with brown hair in a blue suit smiling

Meet the Researcher: David Noble, Werth Institute

UConn's David Noble helps students find their way on the path to startup success.

Professor Jeff Hoch standing in the lab where he conducts much of his research.

Meet the Researcher: Jeff Hoch, School of Medicine

Hoch, a professor of molecular biology and biophysics, sees tremendous potential waiting to be unlocked by his research.

A portrait photograph of Michelle Williams, the subject of the story.

Meet the Researcher: Michelle Williams

Psychological sciences researcher Michelle Williams says her research doesn't achieve its purpose if it can't lead to interventions that can provide help.

Professor Greg Sartor outside the UConn School of Pharmacy

Meet the Researcher: Greg Sartor, School of Pharmacy

Greg Sartor, an assistant professor of pharmacology and toxicology in the School of Pharmacy, has dedicated his career to understanding how molecular-scale events in the brain drive substance use disorder.

Meet the Researcher: Ashwin Dani, Electrical and Computer Engineering

UConn researcher Ashwin Dani is proving that robots have a place in everything from factories to lunar missions.

Undergraduate researcher Sarah Tsuruo posing next to a poster documenting some of her research.

Meet the Researcher: Sarah Tsuruo ’21 (CLAS) 

Sarah Tsuruo '21 (CLAS) says pursuing a multifaceted career as an undergraduate researcher requires determination.