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Enrichment Ensures Woodchuck Wellness

James Brennan, Animal Care Services (ACS) program manager, has published a paper providing guidance on best practices for keeping woodchucks in laboratory research settings.

Novel Probiotic Application Method Shows Promise as Egg-cellent Growth Promoter for Chickens

Mary Anne Amalaradjou has patented a novel method of spraying eggs with a probiotic before they hatch

Microalgae for Poultry Nutrition: UConn Researchers Receive NSF Future Manufacturing Grant

Researchers from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and the College of Engineering have received an NSF Grant to develop a sustainable, organic method for producing an essential amino acid for poultry feed

Challa Kumar, professor emeritus of chemistry, in his lab.

Chemist Unlocks Plastic Alternatives Using Proteins and Clothing Scraps

Challa Kumar has developed methods to create novel plastic-like materials using proteins and fabric

People photograph a display showing a giant copy of Herman Melville's novel "Moby-Dick."

Chasing the Great White Whale in the Digital Age

Mary K Bercaw Edwards is co-directing a program that supports K-12 teachers in developing new ways of teaching Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick."

Meet the Undergraduate: Malik Francis, School of Engineering

Malik Francis researches additive manufacturing while working as a data science intern for Collins Aerospace. This profile is part of a series for UConn's Month of Discovery

Office of Naval Research Funds Grant to Investigate Seizure Prediction Technology

Ki Chon and his team have received grants from the Office of Naval Research to evaluate their EDA sensor's ability to predict seizures in underwater environments.

TIP Digital’s WaveAerospace Begins Pre-Orders for Its 4th Aircraft

WaveAerospace designs aircraft that can fly safely and reliably in extreme weather when other aircraft can’t fly. They have just launched their fourth commercial aircraft

Researcher Identifies Key Mechanism in Parkinson’s Disease Research

Yulan Xiong and her team have made a novel discovery about how a gene responsible for Parkinson's Disease in many cases can be regulated.

New Grant Evaluates Meals on Wheels of Rhode Island Initiative

UConn researchers are evaluating innovations Meals on Wheels of Rhode Island is implementing to determine their efficacy and provide data to support their expansion