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UConn Researchers Developing Models to Unlock Mysteries of Human Speech

Researchers at UConn and Oregon State University are working to understand phonetic constancy in humans with help from automated speech recognition systems.

UConn Patents Novel Combination Approach for Alzheimer’s Treatment

Dr. Riqiang Yan discovered a novel combination of compounds could provide the most promising path for the future of Alzheimer's disease treatment

UConn Lab Helps Track and Manage New Songbird Sickness

The Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory is working with CT DEEP to track and manage a new sickness affecting the state's songbirds

UConn Researcher Adapting Mindfulness Program for LGBTQIA+ Youth for Online Use

Gio Iacono is translating a program to support LGBTQIA+ youth into an accessible virtual platform

UConn Researcher Investigating Barriers to Healthcare Access Among Underserved US Populations

Lisa Eaton is working to improve Black sexual minority men's access to and use of HIV-prevention healthcare.

UConn Faculty Developing Leadership Program for Nonprofit Leaders of Color

UConn researchers are working with community leaders to develop an educational program to support leaders of color working at non-profits

UConn Team Developing Harms-Benefits Analysis for Firearms Policy

UConn researchers are working to better understand the harms and benefits firearm policies have for gun owners, to help protect gun owners' rights while promoting public safety

First-Year Writing Program Grant Centers Metacognitive Approach to Writing

The First-Year Writing Program at UConn is reshaping its curriculum with a new approach to writing processes that make students stronger writers and critical thinkers.

Neag School Researcher Testing Strategies to Support Teachers’ Intervention Implementation

Lisa Sanetti is testing the efficacy of PRIME, a system designed to combat the implementation challenges behavioral interventions face in elementary classrooms.

Meet the Researcher: Glenn Mitoma, Neag School of Education, Human Rights Institute

Glenn Mitoma has spent his career studying human rights and helping others understand how they can realize them in their communities