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UConn Researcher Develops Environmentally, Economically Friendly Turf Grass Varieties

These genetically improved grasses have reduced mowing, fertilizer, and irrigation needs, reducing lawn grasses' impact on the environment and producing financial savings

UConn Researchers Developing Algorithm to Combat Bias in Identifying Child Maltreatment

The tool will help providers overcome barriers to better identify potential cases of child abuse

New Center on Soil Research Addresses Industry Needs for Reliable Sensors

An interdisciplinary group of researchers have established an industry-driven center for advanced soil science research.

Design Justice AI Initiative Encourages International Collaboration on Emerging Questions

Researchers from the UConn Humanities Institute are part of a new initiative exploring questions about bias in AI technologies

UConn Research Informs Policy Debate Over Wine Sales in Grocery Stores

UConn researchers conducted a comprehensive economic analysis of the potential impact of allowing grocery stores in Connecticut to sell wine

Cleaning up the ‘Wild West’ of CBD: UConn Startup PCTRx Revolutionizing Industry with Novel Polymer Platform

PCTRx is developing its recently licensed polycannabinoid platform technology as a drug delivery system and biodegradable plastics, with an eye toward even more applications

New Paper Presents Multifaceted View of Land Change through the Lens of Remote Sensing

A new paper by a group of UConn researchers represents an effort to overcome communication challenges and provide a new framework in the emerging field of land change science.

The Road(side) to a Thriving Native Ecosystem

UConn researchers are launching a project to plant native plant species along New England roadsides to support pollinators and biodiverse ecosystems.

Meet the Researcher Mingyu Qiao, Nutritional Sciences

Mingyu Qiao, an accomplished researcher and entrepreneur, joins the Department of Nutritional Sciences as an assistant professor of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Third Bridge Grant Program Supports Four UConn Startups

The technologies supported by this year's Third Bridge Grant awards include innovations in patenting, mobility, online education, and Lyme disease prevention.