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ACORN Helps Connecticut Use GPS Faster and More Accurately

ACORN uses cutting-edge positioning technology to provide centimeter-level accuracy for CTDOT and other projects in the state.

Left to Right: Kerri Raissian, Lisa Singh, Amanda Crawford, Jeremy Stein, and David Pucino speak at a Gun Violence Misinformation Panel at the Hartford Times Building on April 5

Gun Violence Misinformation Panel Speaks to Creating Informed Policy Debate

The panel, titled Misinformation: Creating a Misfire for American Gun Policy, convened an interdisciplinary group of experts to weigh in on how misinformation shapes gun policy debates and how to combat it.

Grant Provides Underrepresented Students with Research Experience

The program will provide students from across the country with the chance to work in a lab gaining invaluable skills and connections

Changing the Channel on Stroke Treatment: Novel Technology Provides New Path to Prevent Neuronal Death

Lixia Yue’s team discovered that a specific peptide sequence can disrupt the interaction between an ion channel and receptors in our brain responsible for neuronal death during an ischemic stroke

USDA Grants Boost CVMDL Capacity to Sequence Emergent Pathogen Genomes, Test Viral Detection Array

These grants will allow CVMDL researchers to amp up their ability to sequence emerging pathogens providing invaluable information about potential outbreaks and test the efficacy of a detection tool for African swine fever.

Meet the Innovator: Nicole Wagner, LambdaVision, Inc.

Nicole Wagner is working to translate a technology she began developing as a graduate student at UConn into a medical solution for patients with end-stage retinal degenerative diseases

UConn Professor Fuses Engineering and Precision Medicine with 3-D Tumor Model

This technology will help bridge the gap between in-vitro and human subject testing for cancer drug development by applying engineering methods to medical research.  

Students to Tackle Machine Learning Challenges in Virtual Crypto Hackathon

The UConn Data Science Initiative is partnering with TradeBlock and CoinDesk Indices to host a virtual Hackathon, a machine learning competition, that will challenge students to develop innovative solutions for tracking and visualizing the cryptocurrency market.

App Supporting Archival Research Continues Development with Community Partnerships

Sourcery aims to provide a one-stop shop for archival document sharing between collecting institutions and researchers.

UConn Researcher Studies Connections Between the Gut Microbiome and MS Symptoms in Intermittent Fasting Clinical Trial

Dr. Yanjiao Zhou will analyze samples from multiple sclerosis patients who underwent a 12-week intermittent fasting program to detect changes in their gut microbiomes.