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New Trial Targets Reducing Risk Behaviors, Increasing PrEP Adherence for People who Use Drugs

This study will work with people who use drugs and have cognitive impairment, helping them reduce risky sex- and drug- related behaviors and increase adherence to PrEP

Ocean waves illustrating surface winds, waves, and currents

UConn, Eversource Energy Center to Develop Marine Model for NOAA Software

Researchers led by UConn/Eversource Energy Center professor Malaquias Peña Mendez will develop a 3-D, real-time analysis for marine environments, building on a state-of-the-art NOAA system

Characterizing the ‘Noisy Life of a Musician’: Risks and Benefits for Brain Aging

Erika Skoe will lead a research team to better understand the risks and benefits of musicianship for brain aging and hearing.

NIH Trailblazer Awardee Developing Technology to Accelerate Organoid Development

Assistant Professor Xueju “Sophie” Wang is developing a set of devices to improve the usability of brain organoids to model disease and test new pharmaceuticals

TIP Startup LambdaVision Brings Promising Microgravity Manufacturing Experiments Back to Earth

Manufacturing artificial retinas at the International Space Station, with plans for more launches this year

MIRA Award Recipient Jelena Erceg Unfolding the Mysteries of Genome Folding

Jelena Erceg is studying the role of parental genome folding during development which could support the development of personalized genome medicine for chromosome-based diseases.

Not Just Living Longer, But Better: UConn Researcher Studying Potential Therapeutic Targets for Anti-Aging Therapeutics

Ming Xu has received an R01 Grant from the National Institute on Aging to continue his work studying the role p21-high cells play in aging.

Faculty member Xiuling Lu speaks with a student in a laboratory inside the UConn School of Pharmacy

UConn Professor Invents Nanocapsule for Image-Guided Cancer Treatment

Xiuling Lu has invented a nanocapsule with potential applications for imaging techniques such as CT scans and ultrasound, and cancer treatments

Kerri Raissian.

Kerri Raissian, UConn ARMS Director, Appointed to Gov.’s Gun Violence Intervention, Prevention Commission

Kerri Raissian will bring her expertise studying gun violence to the Commission

E-STEAM Ahead: CT High Schoolers to Become ‘Eco-Digital’ Storytellers Through Interdisciplinary Grant

An interdisciplinary group of UConn researchers is leading an effort to empower high school students to become "Eco-Digital" storytellers in their communities.