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UConn Researcher Explores Power-Based Exercises for Improving Knee Pain

Through a $1.5 million grant from the Department of Defense, Neal Glaviano will investigate if incorporating power-based exercises into treatment will provide better long-term outcomes for people with patellofemoral pain

UConn Researcher Invents Low-Abundance Biomarker Detection Platform for Early Diagnosis

Yu Lei has created a technology that holds the potential to advance early-stage disease detection using biomarkers

UConn PhD Graduate Working with AFRL To Address Engineering Challenges

Through a fellowship with the Air Force Research Lab Hollis Smith will use geometric mapping to improve aircraft engineering.

mHealth Represents New Approach for Couples’ Weight Loss Interventions in New InCHIP Study

Interim vice provost for health sciences and InCHIP director Amy Gorin is working on a new grant that will evaluate the efficacy of four components for couples’ weight loss intervention using a mobile app.

UConn researchers are working to address energy challenged through innovative engineering. (Pixabay)

How UConn Researchers Are Working to Solve the Nation’s Energy Problems

Researchers are working on developing next generation approaches to power stations, new materials, and heat exchangers

CT Sea Grant Supports Shellfish Industry Through Pandemic and Beyond

Helping shellfish farmers' businesses keep running during 'crisis mode' and emerge better off

An Online Program Supports Mental Wellbeing for Parents and Children Affected by Divorce

Na Zhang has received an NIH/NIMH K01 grant to design an online mindfulness training module and test its feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy combined with an established behavioral parenting training intervention for divorced or separated parents experiencing psychological distress

Blood-cell Lens Enables High-Quality Imaging with Blu-ray Technology

Guoan Zheng's latest technological innovation combines the power of a Blu-ray player with a blood-coated sensor, creating the potential to dramatically improve imaging for clinical applications

Meet the Researcher: Joel Pachter, UConn Health

Dr. Joel Pachter, professor of immunology, has always been fascinated by the central nervous system. His current research focuses on uncovering how this system plays a role in neuroinflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis.

ACORN Helps Connecticut Use GPS Faster and More Accurately

ACORN uses cutting-edge positioning technology to provide centimeter-level accuracy for CTDOT and other projects in the state.