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Podcast: Changing MS Patients’ Trajectory

The UConn Health Multiple Sclerosis Center's director and clinical care coordinator explain how the elite care of an MS center can minimize disease progression and delay the onset of disability.

EMT and provider with a patient in the ED

Winter in the Emergency Department: Careful With that Snowblower

Add potential COVID-19 cases to the list of what the providers in the UConn John Dempsey Hospital ED are seeing this time of year, along with winter’s common health hazards from snow removal and injuries from winter sports.

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Podcast: Cranial Nerve and Brain Stem Disorders

The co-founders of UConn Health's Cranial Nerve and Brain Stem Disorder Program explain how they harnesses an elite combination of experts across multiple specialties to treat the most complicated conditions.

infant being bottle fed

Optimizing Nourishment in the NICU

The Connecticut Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the UConn John Dempsey Hospital is offering a high-tech tool for moms to ensure their infants get the most out of breast milk and formula feeding.

Dr. Imitola speaking to patient in exam room

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Honors UConn MS Center Director

Dr. Jaime Imitola, director of UConn Health’s Multiple Sclerosis Center, is the only health care provider to receive a 2020 Inspiration Award from the National MS Society.

Kimberly Hayes with pipette in clinical lab

Looking at Us: ‘The Lab’ at UConn Health

The chair of UConn Health’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine provides an inside look at the contributions of the clinical laboratory and the employees who’ve been keeping it running during the pandemic.

Dr. Imitola with model patient

Global Leadership in Multiple Sclerosis and the COVID-19 Vaccine

The director of UConn Health’s Multiple Sclerosis Center, Dr. Jaime Imitola, is part of a group of international experts that just came out with recommendations about the COVID-19 vaccine in the MS population.

Dr. David Banach gets vaccinated for COVID-19 by staff nurse Jennifer Pickert on December 15, 2020.

UConn Health’s Dr. David Banach Explains the COVID-19 Vaccine

UConn Health's Dr. David Banach talks about the COVID-19 vaccine - what it does, what to expect when getting it, and what might come next.

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Podcast: Healing With Our Own Cells

“It’s not a drug, we’re just taking your own components… You are only receiving your same cells and it all happens in the same visit.” —Dr. Allison Schafer Some bone, joint, tendon and ligament injuries are now treatable using what’s known as an orthobiologic approach. It’s when the patient is injected with a therapy derived […]

Women's face (black and white) with color image of cornea

Unique Schwann Cells: The Eyes Have It

UConn Health neuroscience researchers are finding genetic properties of what are known as Schwann cells in the cornea that may hold the key to breakthroughs in sensory function, healing, and even regeneration.