Sick of HuskyMail? Opt-in to UConn Email Through Google

google logo

UConn students can now abandon the unpopular HuskyMail system and opt-in to get all their UConn email and other apps through Google by visiting Students must opt-in, as the switchover will not happen automatically.

In addition to getting all UConn email through Google, students will also have access to Google’s document sharing, calendar, chat, and voice-dialing apps.

Two of the most commonly heard complaints about the HuskyMail system were that there wasn’t enough storage capacity (50 megabytes) and the web interface was antiquated. Using Google will solve both, by providing 25 gigabytes of storage and a modern interface.

According to UITS, the University will have “ownership” of the data, ensuring that the privacy of students will be protected and that Google will not be able to conduct “data mining” on student accounts. Ads also will not appear.

The new Google applications are available only to students; faculty and staff use a different email system.

Any student who runs into a problem while opting-in or using the new system should contact the UITS Help Desk at 860-486-4357 or Students can also contact HuskyTech at 860-486-4087 or