Nick Trautmann: His Music does the Talking


This week on One Student. One Story, we explore the music of sophomore Nick Trautmann. He is involved in UConn’s Jazz Ensemble, the Steel Pan Ensemble and participated in rock bands in high school.  In this piece, we let the instruments tell the story. All of the music in the feature is performed by Nick and other talented students. It begins and ends with Nick playing solo on the electric bass. In the middle, we have a jazz song performed by Nick and a few friends. Following that is an entertaining piece played by the Steel Pan Ensemble.

I had a great time filming this last week. Not only was the music great, but it was especially interesting to see Nick interact with his fellow musicians. When improvising, they would work together to find a sound that flowed. Instead of using words however, the students explored the melodies with their instruments, allowing the music to serve as their language. Nick hopes to turn his musical passion into a career and by the looks of it, I’d say he’s definitely on the right track.


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