UConn Posters Promote Pride, Present Puzzle

Posters designed by University Communications depict the beauty of UConn's campuses.
Accents, one of three posters showing aspects of UConn's art and architecture.

The University has created a trio of posters illustrating elements of the art and architecture across all its campuses, reinforcing pride in the institution and all that it stands for. The beauty of the School of Law, the Health Center, the five regional campuses, and the main campus in Storrs is featured in these visually arresting expressions of UConn.

“The posters draw attention to the charm and character of all our campuses,” says Jim Walter, associate vice president of university communications.

Timeless in their content, the release of these keepsake posters is occurring at a time when pride and excitement in the University is building.

Each poster is a composite of different images that are not necessarily the most immediately recognizable features at each campus; and because these are cropped, part of the posters’ appeal comes from encouraging speculation about exactly what is being represented and where it is located.

Dimensions, one of three posters showing aspects of UConn's art and architecture.

“We made choices that were fun, and some that would challenge the viewer,” Walter says, “making people think, ‘I’ve seen that and I just don’t know where.’

“The posters are purposely not specific to a year or an event,” he adds. “They will have some staying power.”

Available either individually or as a collection, each full-color 2’6” x 1’6” poster features about a dozen images that relate to each other graphically. For example, the poster labeled “Accents” juxtaposes images of interesting portions of various facilities. The joined images in “Perspectives” encompass ornamental enhancements that distinguish a variety of buildings. Similarly, “Dimensions” includes sculptures and paintings that artists have created to enrich the University’s interior and exterior locations.

“Our creative team recommended producing a relatively small run of a series of posters, using existing photography to contain costs,” Walter said. “If folks especially like one particular poster that’s fine, but if they want more to help fill in a bare wall in a conference room they can take advantage of all three designs.”

Perspectives, one of three posters showing aspects of UConn's art and architecture.

Accompanying each poster is a key that identifies the UConn location of each image.

Offices wishing to purchase posters by paying with an online transfer voucher will enjoy an institutional discount of $4 and should email Barbara.Drouin@uconn.edu.

Personal purchases can be made through The Store at the William Benton Museum of Art, or the UConn Co-op. Each poster costs $9.95. The posters can also be framed to order in black, silver, or gold through the Co-op, for $24.95 each. Framed posters can also be purchased online.