Manisha Bicchieri: Helping Out Students and the Environment


Hey Everyone! This week on One Student. One Story we feature junior Manisha Bicchieri.  She is majoring in Resource Economics with a minor in Food Science.  Manisha told me that after struggling academically her first semester, she buckled down and made Dean’s List the following spring.  From there, Manisha became involved with the Academic Achievement Center to help students in the position she was once in.  Manisha is now heavily involved on campus and works to promote awareness about sustainability and organic food products.

The hardworking junior is Chair of USG’s Sustainability Subcommittee and interns at the Office of Environmental Policy.  These two positions allow Manisha to understand the relationship between what students want in terms of sustainability and what regulations the University is obliged to adhere to.  After college, Manisha wants to delve into food labeling practices, particularly dealing with the all-natural label.  Not only is she involved on campus, but Manisha also has had several successful internships in order to propel her career even further.  Check out the video to see this story from her point of view.


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